Julian P.

Portland, OR

Joined October 2020

Nice campground on Timothy Lake

This is one of several great PGE-run campgrounds on the south side of Timothy Lake. We stayed here Memorial Day weekend, and it was still fairly cold, with some snow on the ground. Reservations were full, but we were lucky and found a first come first serve spot. I would pick Hoodview over this campground, since it was recently renovated, but in the end this area is so beautiful you cannot go wrong with any of the PGE campgrounds.

Freshly renovated in 2020

This campground just received a major overhaul in 2020. It feels all fresh and new.

We reserved the three walk in sites on the western end of the campground, and it felt like we had the entire area to ourselves. One of the sites is right at the water, which is amazing (although the trail comes through there, so it's not very private).

Overall this is a great option to camp at Timothy Lake.

Great central Oregon option

Nice campground on East Lake. Stayed here for a night in August, and it was very pleasant.  Having the East Lake resort and store close by is a nice amenity, as we were able to pop over to pick up some food and essentials. Of course there are a bazillion hikes and things to do in the area, so all around this is a well rounded camping option.

Probably the most beautiful spot in Oregon

I've backpacked into Eagle Cap wilderness a couple of times, and it's absolutely stunning. After about 10 miles of uphill hiking, you'll find a plateau of multiple lakes. Campsites can be found sporadically by most lakes. It's a hard hike in, but absolutely worth it. Hiking up Eagle Cap mountain is a good option for a day hike from camp.

Nice campground in scenic spot

We stayed here a night in our RV on the way through during Cycle Oregon. It's a nice campground in a scenic spot. I appreciated all the history displays regarding the Oregon trail that passed right through there.

Decent backup option if state campgrounds are filled

We spent a summer weekend here after striking out trying to reserve a spot at one of the more prominent state campgrounds along the coast. While this campground isn't the most amazing, it is a decent backup option to squeeze in a coast stay during busy season.

Unfortunately the sites aren't particularly private, as they back up right against each other on multiple sides.

Gold standard for Oregon beach campgrounds

This is probably one of the hardest campsites to get a spot at in Oregon, as it is incredibly popular. It's right on the beach, with several camp site backing up against the sand. We had a camp spot a little further back, in the woods. That's nice for shade and protection from the elements, but I imagine the ocean front sites must be quite spectacular to stay at. It's a state campground, so it's very well maintained and has lots of facilities.

Convenient and scenic, but fair amount of noise from the freeway

We pulled into this campground in early October on our way down I84. Fortunately we had made a reservation, as the campground was at capacity. The spot I picked was site 9, which is a back-in spot at the southern end of the campground. I really liked the spot as we didn't have a neighbor to the south, just a rock wall for privacy. The freeway made a fair amount of noise that even carried to the southern tip of the campground.

The campground seems to be primarily frequented by fishermen, but still makes for a convenient stopover point for everyone else. There's a beach with a swim area in the day use area that probably is popular in the summer.

Good for fishermen, mediocre for everyone else

We pulled into this site in early October with our RV, and unfortunately the site was full. But the amazing host, Norm (who's been the host there for 17 years!) let us park in a regular parking spot and dry camp. He even brought out an extension cord to get us electricity from a shed. 

Aside from that, the campground was mediocre. There is a patch of grass with a few fire pits for tent campers, and 12 or so RV sites. Showers were closed due to COVID. There's a dirt road that leads down to the river, which is scenic. But there's no particularly good spots to hang out on the river. 

Everything seems to cater to fishermen that frequent the area. Pickup trucks were pulling in and out of the campground from early in the morning to late at night, as people are heading fishing or returning. That wasn't great for us with young children playing around the RV and also woke us up early.

Decent campground close to Portland

We booked this site last minute for fourth of July. As expected, most campsites were already booked, but there is a handful of small campgrounds on the Clackamas river that seem to always have last minute availability. This is one of them. We came out here for one night to get out of the city, and it was a pleasant stay. The campground is relatively small and close to the road, but the proximity to the river is great. There's a flat part of the river that everyone brings their camping chairs to in order to sit in the river. That part is quite nice. Beside that, it's a place to pitch a tent. I would consider this again for an escape from the city, if the larger state campgrounds are already filled.

Most beautiful spot, amazing bang for the buck for Oregon backpacking

Stayed here in late August 2020, right before the fires hit. We'll have to see what's left after the fires. But before, this was likely one of the most beautiful places in Oregon. It's 2-3 hours to hike in, which is just about the right amount of time to feel like you've deserve to be there. We arrived at the Park around 2pm on Friday, and barely found an available campsite. Beware, this place is busy!

Well spaced out, private spots

We stayed here for one night in early October and the campground was 1/3 filled. We were lucky enough to still find an open spot close to the river. The campground has 30+ sites, but they are well separated and it feels very private. The first loop has electricity, the second doesn’t. River access isn’t great, but it’s nice to hang out on the ridge above the river.

Big RV resort close to Glacier Park entrance

This is a big RV resort close to West Glacier town and park entrance. We came with our 25’ RV and reserved a tent pad site to ensure we were up against the edge of the resort. As far as RV resorts go, this is probably as nice as it gets. Just be ready to be surrounded by big pickup trucks and massive fifth wheelers. And be ready to pay up, because it’s not cheap.

Ok spot in scenic setting

We stopped here in our RV for a night on our way through. The campground isn’t anything to write home about, and seems to cater to fishermen. We thought the setting was scenic, but that’s about it. Wouldn’t want to spend more than a night here.

Right by river, feels fairly remote

Pulled into this campground in our RV in late September and only encountered one other party in the campground. Loved the remote setting. We were able to snag a spot close to the river, so we slept to the sound of rushing water. I’d estimate that half the primitive spots could fit a medium sized RV, the others are car/tent sites.

Beautiful spot feels like dispersed camping

We ventured up to Rock Lake campground with our 25’ RV in late September, not sure what to expect. Turns out there are only two primitive sites, fairly well separated from each other. The upper one on the left has an outhouse and several picnic tables. The lower one on the right has none of that, but has lakefront access instead. We only stayed here for a night, but it was my favorite campsite on our trip. The setting is beautiful, and while feeling remote there still is cell coverage.