Judy K.
Los Angeles, CA
Joined July 2016
Large Campground, less than 30 minutes to Ojai

Site: 62 | Our campsite was small, but we managed to fit three 4-person car camping tents and three 2-person backpacking tents. The campground is covered in poison oak, be careful if you're setting up your tent in the dark. The parking area was generous, it's a semi-circle, easily fit 3 cars with room for more. The site came with a picnic table, fire ring with a grill over it and additionally a separate grill. Even though the campground was full that weekend we didn't really notice it. Our site is surrounded by trees on three sides and there is no campsite across from us.

Site: 60 | We had a second site, but ended up not using it. This site is on much smaller and located at the bottom of a hill. I think it can fit one tent, maybe a second. The parking spot fits one vehicle.

Bathrooms: These are pit toilets, no running water, toilet paper is provided. On a holiday weekend the toilet paper ran out. The bathrooms were decently clean, but watch out for the locks. Two of the bathrooms were locked on accident. The door was not pulled shut all the way, when people exited, the door slammed and it got locked. The top lock is removed so if it does get locked you might be able to open it with a tool to fit through the top lock. The other thing to watch, even if you lock it on the inside and pull the door shut, it's possible to still open the door from the outside. A buddy system would be helpful here.

Mosquitos: Bug spray is your friend. We used 7% deet and that seemed to work fine in July.

Firewood: The camp hosts sold firewood at the entrance.

Water: Currently there is no running water available, there are taps but they have been locked. The creek is mostly dry.