Joyce B.

Oak Park, IL

Joined August 2018

Large campgrounds close to lots of water

Stopped for a night on a road trip around Lake Michigan. Campgrounds was clean, and so were the toilets/showers. There were hiking trails close by, but wish they were clearly marked. Was told a black bear visits the campgrounds at least once a week, but is not much a nuisance as long as campers store their food in the car. Easy access to Platte River - kayaked the North branch, which was winding and fast moving. Go when they release the salmon from the hatchery - you feel all the salmon brush against your kayak as they swim upstream!

Lots of hiking trails!!!

Spent a few nights a couple yrs ago. We reserved online and arrived late so we were setting up in the dark. We backed up easily into the site and was surrounded in quiet and darkness. There are a ton of hiking trails, a couple lakes/ponds to enjoy, and saw horses on the trails. We were close enough to water faucets, flush toilets and showers, pit toilets, and playgrounds. There was a worry of wild parsnips, so my daughter dressed like it was October and didn't enjoy the hikes as much as i was hoping.

There were a lot of people and everyone was friendly, but it wasn't as quiet and remote as I thought it might be. Lots of people hiking to the waterfall and other trails.

Camping on a mountain!

We kayaked the Kickapoo river and stayed here for a night. We didn't reserve a site so the only spots left were the walk-in sites. There were carts to use and parking wasn't too far so it wasn't bad at all. We were close to a vault toilet and the flush toilets/showers weren't too far away. It was recommended that we keep all food in our car, but we were drinking and too lazy/drunk to take back all our food to the car… so we woke up in the middle of the night to find some smart raccoon (or whatever it was) had enjoyed our breakfast. We kept it in a cooler, but it figured out how to open it!

Hiking trails were pretty close and we had quite the exercise going up/down the mountain. We drove a truck so getting up/down the mountain wasn't a problem, but if you have a low car, the front end is going to get scraped at the bottom of the mountain.

Perfect Timing Memorial Day Weekend

We went rafting on the Wolf River and decided to camp at Boulder Lake. It was Memorial Day weekend and rainy, so there wasn't a lot of people camping. We drove around and picked out an amazing site, then reserved it on the spot. We were right on the lake and woke up to a cool view. Also woke up to someone snoring, and some loud ducks and frogs, but it was all good. lol Toilets and showers were clean, camp host was friendly. We drove quite a ways for firewood, but later found out we could've bought it someplace closer.

Car camping and overnight for backpacking on the Ice Age Trail

Camped here twice - the first time was just one night in early July 2017 when we were backpacking on the Ice Age Trail. 3 of us were newbies and wanted a comfortable/safe place to stay for the night. Since we were new to the area (and backpacking), we completely missed the check-in area, which is located at a different camgrounds… when you're hiking with a 25lb pack, there was no back-tracking! We decided to skip the check-in and just hoped they didn't give away our previously-reserved spot. Pit toilets were fine, and the flush toilets and showers were clean.

Second time we stayed (early October 2017), we car camped and stayed for 2 nights. It was really cold and we blew through 4 bundles of firewood each day! Our site was close enough to the vault toilets and the flush toilets/showers weren't too far off. We hiked a little bit, but the trails were quite a hike from the campgrounds to begin with.

Beautiful campgrounds

We did a Colorado road trip in late July, 2018 - we knew we were going to camp around Steamboat Springs in the middle of the week, but didn't have a plan so we just drove along US40 and stopped along a few campgrounds to see how they were. Dumont was the best - with a lake, close hiking paths, and a beautiful meadow with lots of wildflowers. The dumpster was locked so no need to worry about wild animals, the vault toilets were the cleanest I've ever used, and it was just an amazing time. The campgrounds host had a couple hummingbird feeders and we saw a ton of hummingbirds around! If i'm ever in the area again, I would definitely stay here!