Josie G.

Huachuca City , AZ

Joined March 2020

If it wasn’t for the unexpected storm, perfect!

Swimming, clean hot showers, potable water. And peaceful. And FREE. Even though the lighting hitting the lake right behind me meant I had to go, it was memorable. Everyone in the area came together to make sure everyone else was alright. This was my second visit. There will be more.

Free but there are limits

It is peaceful. Occasionally you will end up with cows surrounding you. Happened to me. This campground is allowed up to 14 days, BUT that is every 6 months. Not the normal 30 days. I’ve stayed there many times in the past 4 years, they keep track.

Well, do not goi when it's cold

A beautiful place to be, but it decided to start snowing while I was there. The bathroom was clean, and the trash cans had been recently emptied. The picnic areas are well taken care of. But I slid down from the campsite.

Free, and Grassy Areas

Not only is this city park free, but it has electric, water, and sewer, and well as dumpsters. Grass for those 4 legged friends. 

There are no public restrooms, but the stores aren't that far away. I met some really nice people while there. I will always remember it fondly.

Pretty Laid Back

I wasn't planning on staying here but the Jemez Historic SIte was closed for the day, so I decided to camp out. The restrooms were clean.  Trash was easy to throw away, and I had an easy time backing into my space. I didn't do much there, other than what I just said. But I did spend time in the surrounding area. This is definitely the perfect place to go in the heat of summer, it is much cooler than other areas.

A little rough but nice

We had to go pretty far back to get a spot, because everyone was there. You do have to pack your trash back out, but there are two dump sites as you are leaving as well as a septic dump. 

I went during the pandemic so the bathrooms were closed and the dumpsters were very full. But stop at the vistas coming in and going out, they have great trails and great views. 

Be careful on the dirt roads though, there is soft sand at the sides and you could easily lose traction and go off the road. There are little trails to awesome hidden gems where no one would even know that you were there.

Peace and quiet

First I have to mention the bathrooms, the showers are incredible. There are tent pads or set up your camper or RV. Electric and water at every site.  The view is incredible no matter where you are camped.  Hiking trails and picnic sites all over. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere.

A little overpriced

Most tent and RV sites have electric, which is wonderful, and some of the sites are really close to the water. There are semi-clean bathrooms, but the shop is wonderful. And the water is a great way to cool off.  You can rent boats. Take your dogs out to other parts of the water, NOT the beach. There are stores right there so you don't have to go into town.

Basic and messy

I have stayed there multiple times, and every time that i have people bring their dogs to run in the woods. No leashes and no poop bags. i have had to clean up stranger's dog poop in front of my tent.