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Camp Pleasant- tucked in Olympic National Park

This is a backcountry camping location that you will have to hike into. If you start your journey at Staircase Ranger Station, it will take you about 7 miles to get to Camp Pleasant.

All along the hike, you'll realize that this camping area is a little disappointing compared to the others you'll pass. It is actually still a nice spot to hang out. In this area, there is actually a hidden entrance to an abandoned mine, which is hidden with only a small handful of locals knowing the exact location. There is some local history here.

My recommendation would be to continue along to the other camping locations and stay here for a quick break versus an overnight.

Not a campground- just a state park

I could be wrong, but we did not find this as a campground, but a state park. Don't confuse this with the same exact campground name in North Carolina on the other side of the mountains.

Really great place to visit during the day, however don't go out of your way to go camping here. It's pretty crowded here during the day as you can rent pavilions. They have quite an active community at this park, and great hiking trails.

While we were here, we did a quick hike.

Well established and popular- perfect for groups

This is one of the main attractions for the area. Locals come here when the weather is nice.

We stayed in yurts, which are round tents ($38 per night). We had a cozy wooden deck and slept four people in two bunk beds. We also had a cooking stove, refrigerator, heat and electricity.

There is plenty of fishing and hiking to go around.

Really recommend this campsite if you have a little extra money to spend and are looking for a light getaway with friends.

If you're looking for a secluded place for yourself or with a loved one, I would look around the area for a less-popular campsite.

ATVs, fishing, and activity friendly

Pretty quite spot with lots of activity. The site is actually quite near other campsites and is in the northern part of PA. This park we learned is actually open all year round, so if you come at the right season, it can be magically scenic.

We stayed here for a few nights and enjoyed the area because of it having ATV trails that lead out of the park.

We also had a boat that we brought out to go fishing (you can rent a boat, but will cost you). Pretty easy to catch some trout and blue gill. There are also 6 miles of hiking trails to clear your head if you need that.

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Biggest campsite ever

This is probably the biggest campsite I have ever been to. There is an area where you can have multiple cars (i.e. 4 families) with a playground and canopy area. It was impressively large and well developed. The campsite also has a river that is connect, which is nice.

A quick stop at the glaciers

We were only there for a few days, but wow! The things to do near the Williwaw Camground is perfect for a few days! Fishing, hiking, and seeing the glaciers are just a few. We enjoyed our stay very much and also met other happy travelers.