Joshua G.

Calhoun, GA

Joined September 2018


its a good place to stay for a few days a lot to see and beautiful views.


some of the greatest views in Georgia! this place is a great place to explore and sight see! surrounded by a small town its great to go and see what the town holds!


great place to camp both RV and primitive!


the place was beautiful but you could really tell the place had been through a drought not long ago. the staff was great and helpful and the views where amazing!


this place was very beautiful but the staff was not very helpful for us.

beautiful fall location

this place was the most beautiful place especially in the fall. there park staff was great and super helpful!

great happy

beautiful place o be at the camp ground was clean and the surroundings are absolutely beautiful!


beautiful place to be the staff was great and always super helpful!


great packing trail and place to explore.

family friendly

great place to be with family and friends. easy to get around and great place to explore.

small but nice

this camp ground was a great spot for family and time to just hang out with family.


this camp ground is home to a beautiful lake and several beautiful views along with the actual fort that is at the top of the mountain.


this campground was really nice, had water and power hook ups as well as some sites had sewer hookups.

the hiking at this park is was really set it apart though the gorge hike was absolutely beautiful and very much worth the stairs going down and back up.

small but pleasing

this campground is very kid friendly. they have a stream they stock with trout for kids 12 and under and seniors 65 and older. this park is a great place to allow kids to get into fishing and feel like they have accomplished something. the wildlife here is also beautiful and very abundant.


this is a great campground and super peaceful to be at great travel travelers spots and water and power hook ups and sites. the falls is also a great view to see.

primitive, explore, backpacking

This place is one of the best and most beautiful places to back pack! with several waterfalls within just a 5 mile hike its a great place to camp and explore. also great tent camping areas to set up camp at! water is no problem with the entire trail being directly on a solid flowing stream.

First to Review

this place was a great place for fishing, exploring and hiking, great place to back pack into and tent camp.

Adventurous fun

This campground was a great place to explore the gorge and twin falls was a great trail to explore. It is a bit of a more experience hike through the gorge

Fun relaxed adventurous

This is hands down one of my favorite camp grounds. The entire area was super relaxed and was also a great place to hike. All the trails where very family friendly and the views were all breath taking. The staff was great and very helpful to find activities