Josh M.

Coon Rapids , MN

Joined August 2019

The judge

Great campsites with water and bathrooms.  Lots of hiking in the area.  Dogs welcome.  One of my favorite st park campgrounds. A good hike to see kettle falls.

General Andrew's

Decent four wheeling campsite for a weekend trip.  Located a few miles from the soo line trail.  A little bit smaller of a location and traffic.  Offers outhouses and water.  In town amenities close by.

Nemedji st forrest

Excellent campground if your into ATV use camping.  Offers hundreds of miles of 4 wheeling and snowmobiling.  Cand forget dirtbiles and UTV as well.l. capsites are closely placed.  Offers a water pu.p and outhouses.  A shallow boat launch with a dock.  Additionally a picnic area for day use.  All nicely secluded with nemedji Forrest and beyond.

Game lake camping

A good short drive into the north metro outskirts.  Nice car camping location with a small fished out lake.  Usually pretty crowded place.  Has a boat launch and bathrooms.  One of the better quick drive locations from the metro.

Ely campsite

Not a bad location.  Offers showers and a restroom.  Has a fire pit and grate.  A little inconvenient having to travel to the other side of town to pay and check into the location.  Not much to do here but spend the night and move on.  Didn't see any staff on site when we stayed

Itasca campground

Decent car camping location.  Offers large hiking area and fishing opportunitys. Can check out the beginning of the Mississippi river which is pretty cool.  Campsites are right on top of each other.  Good for a night or two.

Army corps of engineers campground

Large campground with many campsites.  Some offer electric.  Campers can expect to be cramped end over end like sardines.  The lake is nice and offers a boat ramp.  It is a clean lake but does have zebra mussels.  Nice walk around the campsite.  There is a dam with a nice fishing pier.  Located right in town with amenities if needed.  Nice car camping location.

Bunker hills

A small campground located in the northern suburbs of the twin cities.  Allows for horseback riding and a wave pool and water slides within the park.  Golfing as well.  This is as basic as they come with little to no travel for many.  One of my least liked campgrounds.

End of the road campground

There are many campsites at this location with some having a nice view of the water. There is a boat launch.  Also hiking into the boundary waters area.  The lake is clean.  A nice little shop and cafe.  We stayed at one of the few hike in sites which was about a 50 yard hike from the park spot.  Some sites are right on top of each other for ease of car camping.  Fresh blueberries to pick in late July.

McFarland lake campgrounds

There are 5 primitive campsites at this campground.  They are all free.  There all nicely spaced apart.  There is one outhouse and no running water.  There is a Portage for both mcfarland lake and little john lake.  Nice clean lakes. McFarland has a boat launch and motorized boats allowed on the lake.  All the other lakes are in the boundary waters and boats are not allowed.  Canoes and kayaks are.  There is a self issuing permit station located at little john lake portage.  Caught some northern about 2 feet in length but skinny.

Hogback late primitive camping.

We stayed at the hike in primitive campsite.  The hike was about 45 mins on varying level of terrains. At that site there was a fire pit.  No running water and no outhouse.  The lake was clear and nice.  The next couple of nights we stayed at the actual campground. This had 3 rustic campsites nicely spaced.  All including a fire ring and picnic table.  There was an outhouse located near the boat launch.  There also was a fishing pier.   In addition there was a picnic area.  Many lakes in the area off of the dirt road all including some campsites.