Jordan M.

Los Angeles, CA

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Closed during winter!

Went to camp here but it was closed. Ended up going up the street to Remington and camping there as well as hiking to the hot springs.

Day use only!

I came in winter but it says day use only so closed to camping. There are places to camp further up the road as well as more hot springs.

Closed for winter!

A cool spot - not much shade or varied terrain but excellent access to the lake. Lots of spots. It’s basically just flat and slopes down to the water. Pretty bird noises in the morning. If you’re looking for privacy this probably isn’t the best when it’s crowded. It’s got a hotel and saloon across the street which is great if you’re looking for that!


This is a wonderful campground. You drive across two small streams to get to the back spots. They’ve got BBQs, access to cool trails, lots of space. You wind around the road and there are little hidden spots all around. About 10 degrees colder than Ojai.

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Camping allowed in hot springs parking lot

There are no amenities however it’s a fairly popular spot to camp. There are tents setup at the top of the hill. A 10 minute walk to the natural hot springs along the river.

RV oriented park

It’s adjacent to a little city-style park. There were only RVs when I arrived and many had been very sprawled out with grills/etc. given the fairly high price I elected not to reserve a spot and move on to Dennison where I felt much more comfortable camping.

Tricky to find a spot at night if busy

I’d recommend you arrive during the day. I spent Christmas Eve here and the Park was quite full. Found one of the only remaining spots open. Cool spot with potable water and bathrooms. I couldn’t see stars the night I was here because of the cloud cover. Paid $16 for the campsite. Worth it! Centrally located to several sites.

Sweet hilly campground

It’s a lovely campground nearby Ojai. A tiny one way road weaves around a hill and connects all the spots. Only one site has an unobstructed view of the Valley (#15) but that one was occupied when I arrived and I had a lovely view from my site.

Campgrounds in this area are booked by signing on to the Venture website after you arrive and selecting which spot you’re reserving. It’s pretty straightforward. Mine was $26 for the night and I’m here end of December. There is a light dusting of snow on the mountains. It got down into the 30’s last night.