Jordan L.

Saint cloud , MN

Joined July 2017

Minnesota boy born and raised love to get lost in the woods!! Surrounded by trees and rivers and lakes ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Went kayaking out here and the caves are awesome!!!! So much fun and lucked out having a nice still day!!!

Another day trip

Friend of mine and I couldnt sleep one nightโ€ฆhad the next day off work and we just said lets drive up to duluth right now lol. We got there at 530am to jay cook and hiked around!!! The suspension bridge was SO COOL the raging water underneath all the exposed rock and trees! It was awesome def want to come explore this park more!!!

Stop in

Stopped in to check this out everyone said you have to go and do alpine slide as well. We didnt have the time to that day but plan on coming back in fall to do that!!! Park was nice and clean and staff was very friendly. Gave us great ideas for places to check out and great food spots in town too!!! And they are open in winter for sking and snowboarding as well!!

Roomies and canoe

Roomates and I came out here in july to have weekend away. Wow!! Personal own island campsiteโ€ฆneed I say more!!! Canoeing, fishing, bbq! It was great get away!!! The actual campsite itself is MASSIVE as well!!! Very clean and easy access to the lake!!!

Day trip pics

Pictures from the trip of falls and cool rock stairs!!!

Weekend get away

My brother had a dj show in a town near by so we camped out here for the weekend with friends. Went tubbing and only lost one cooler the river soon as we went in lol! Still was a great time! Campsites were ok, close little privacy but right on river was nice!!!

Easy walk

Stopped in here cause sides of road were packed so we figured we would stop and see what it was about. The waterfalls were so cool and the river u could just lay in!!! Few kids were swimmimg and a few even jumped in!!! The trails were super easy and even though crowed place still felt secluded at time!

Second time

Went back to fenske this time with canoe to hop on lake and portage to other sites. This campground is perfect for just that!!! There was even littles coves down by lake to leave your canoe like your own personal water garage!!! Nice and quiet and very peaceful!!!

High and twostep falls

Trip to the falls in fall!!! Beautiful colors and amaxing views!!!

High falls

High falls at grand portage were AMAZING right on boarder of Minnesota and Canada! Easy hike and so worth it!!!

Bros trip

Another trip with the brothers!!!

Food fest

Stopped in here when they had food festival going on. There was so many goodies and we walked around park. It is right on river nice playground basketball courts walking trails everything you would need. Very nice and well kept!!! :)

Day trip spring

Went out in spring time and was so shocked to see such a nice park in such an off beaten area. We stumbled upon this place just taking back roads and driving around. Nice beach area and Great picnic area!!! Big playground picnic tables scattered everywhere. There was even a small trail off to the side with ( time of year) had a small creek running through it. Very nice!


Cute little cabins to stay at. Lots of trails to walk around and pleanty of people there too! Thought it would be quiet but maybe we picked a busy weekend lol. It was still enjoyable!


Great views the lighthouse was so cool to see and the park was very well kept!!!!

2nd brothers trip

We came here for our second trip togather and was not very impressed. We were expecting more but should have looked into it more! It was still very nice and quiet park, just didnt have much stuff to do for us. Still nice to learn the history of the Lindberghs that was all pretty cool!!!

Brothers trip

Took my 3 little brothers camping here. We chose one of the dispersed sites so had to walk aways but worth it! We had a pretty nice spot on bottom of hill away from everyone. It was nice and secluded. We tend to be loud so chose a place away from everyone! We had a blast and took them up to observation tower as well!!! Well two who would go!

Walk in woods

Stayed here overnight being its so close to my hometown. Its a nice quiet park and so are the campgrounds!!! They also have little cabins to stay in that id like to try out!


Went here to check out wolfcreek and stay the night! It was a nice camp ground and liked the hiking trails!!!

Peace and quiet

Went away for some peace and quiet and came up here!!! Campsites were first come first serve and we took site 6 and called it good! We hiked and explored all around area including returning to two island campground down road!