Clean and beautiful!

If they were open right now I would be there instead of where we are currently. Cabins look clean on the outside and inside, plenary of space between each area, a little store, lots of deer; plus the clean pool was open and we were able to enjoy that as well. High reviews for me!

Beautiful place, even had a wedding here!

The wedding was spectacular even though it rained, the bathrooms were clean, the grounds were spacious and the water views were to die for. This park is hidden off the beaten patch of coming from the south of it but it is one not to miss.

Disgusting place and rude owners!

Discrimination, disrespectful, rude, disgusting facilities, bug infested and broken cabins, mold infested and unclean/unsafe/unsanitary living conditions, evicting tentants with no proper legal rights, service, nor reason, NON-ada compliant, lying and forcing me to pay for an expensive rental house I cant afford but they gave the rental I was promised to someone else, they refuse to give their online and brochure- stated Good Sam Club or military discounts, and they refuse to put anything in writing to avoid prosecution. I was told because the owner decided she didn’t like me that she can not accommodate me and my children (who all 3 have disabilities); yet she picks and chooses who she decides can stay or not with no regards to the damages she is doing to innocent families. I have done nothing wrong and she has no legal right to tell me to leave the house they forced me to go to while I was eating only a week for the smaller and cheaper cabin- but she gave the cabin to someone else and refused to let me know, and now I’m forced to pay double in the cabin I cannot afford. I hope they are ready for the lawsuit coming soon. They have harbored a sex offender knowing he was not registered to his campground address and he continues to remain on the property as well; around young children (including mine). I have had to stop going to the main facilities because of this issue and they don’t care. I spoke with law enforcement and they said the can’t evict anyone right now due to the “stay at home” CoVid-19 ruling yet they are passing out “eviction letters” as if they are official letters from the sheriffs office. My rental is infested with rotten molding subfloors that sink when you walk on them. The owners refused to acknowledge and fix them; all while knowing I have a disability that is directly related to my lungs and an immunodeficiency which can cause my illnesses to get worse.

This is unacceptable and needs to be addressed before they damage the next groups of people that do not yet know what Lake Eufaula Campground and the owners will do or make up to falsely accuse people and discrimination against the disabled community AND the military community. Rick and Karen should be ashamed of themselves!