Great folks, great sites..

Very nice folks, great sites with A LOT of space between them. Spectacular views and wild turkeys, deer, etc..


You know those YouTube videos where it looks too good to be true? This is like that and it is not too good to be true. We are here mid April. Weather is perfect. Lake is stunning. Debbie and the others are single most helpful and competent staff we have ever run into.

Best ever. Really.

This is my second attempt at posting a review here. I am not a fan of camping "resorts," so keep that in mind if you are looking for an incorporated waterpark,theater, etc.. The spacing is perfect, even packed you have space and privacy. The views are amazing. Plenty of trails, plenty to do near by. Place is perfect. The price is astonishingly low.

Best. Campground.Ever.

Please keep in mind I am not and have never been a fan of "resort" campgrounds, so things like wifi, pools, etc, are not here (that I know of). There are plenty of trails, water (creeks, pond,lake,) views and even if the place is packed there is PLENTY of room. The price makes it even better. Just best place I have ever been and plenty to do near by.