John L.

Minneapolis, MN

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Prairie and bluff overlooking Lake Pepin

Cart-in sites are nice, though a little clustered. You can't see other sites like you would at a drive in site. We biked the nearby Cannon Valley Trail, which was great. 

There were a variety of woodpeckers working on the trees, which was very cool. 

There are train tracks near the park and they do sound their horn. It didn't bother us though. 

4th picture is Eagle Point, which is half a mile from the cart-in sites.

Woodland oasis close to Mpls

This is a fantastic park. No views or anything, just miles of thick forest. A million and one birds. Backpack site 4 is 3/4 of a moderately hilly mile from the parking lot (there is more than one lot at the park). There's a long footpath (like a driveway) off the hiking trail, so it's an extremely private site. The trees form a canopy over the circular site. You can cut through a few feet of grass to the lake/marsh. 

It is a low lying site in a park with a lot of water, so be prepared for more bugs than your average MN campsite in the summer (and that's really saying something!). No bugs for our trip this May, but we come here often.

North Shore, Popular

Site 20 is the furthest from the parking lot, just under a mile with a decent hill on the way. Worth it for the privacy though. The stone steps prevent the cart from getting all the way into the main area. The site is on the top of a peninsula with steep drop down to Superior. The picture I included with the best view of the water is just about 30 feet along the ridge, on a private path separate from the actual trail. The site has two tent beds, one on a lower level. 

Site #11 was too close to the main hiking path, but did have a true lake view. 

Site #4 is very close to the showers and parking lot. It has a bench with a direct view of the lighthouse that is very nice. 

Overall you can't go wrong at Split Rock. Make sure to hike to Corundum Point, and take the extra little path off to the left for a 180 degree view of the lake.