John H.


Cypress, TX

Joined July 2020

Old dude. Camped my whole life. Old Scout Campmaster

Tall Trees, Open Waters, Tired Trails

Tent Camped 9JUN20- 1 night

TO BE FAIR, this was RIGHT after everyone reopened and things were all weird. There was no one to check in with and the whole time we were there we never saw any park personnel. The park was MAYBE 25% camped, but might have been less than that. Sites were huge and well treed, no pads but good drainage, which was a blessing because it POURED overnight.

Site 334 was on the water with great trees and soft ground to camp on. Our closest neighbor was 500 feet away, and they were the only other one on our loop.

The park was empty and quiet with no canoes or anything available due to COVID.

The bathrooms were older and pretty clean, but not overly tended to.

The trails were a little rough and needed a lot of rotted wood replaced on the bridges and benches. Tons of birds and wildlife to see.

Brought my dog but not a lot of good places for him to get in the water.

It was the first time I had camped in 10 years, so this was the perfect place for a shakeout camp.

Trees, Rain, & Alligators, oh my

Tent camped 23JUN20, 1 night

I love Huntsville SP. It’s my “home park”. So many great memories of family and scout camping here, all the way back to my youth. The tall trees and lake make for a “summer camp” feel.

It literally rained every second I was in camp except for a little while when I was loading out. For the most part it was a quiet heavy rain that I enjoyed from my covered hammock!

I always forget there are alligators there, but they don’t seem to care too much about people. It is a bit disconcerting to be standing on the fishing peer 2 feet over the water and look down to see one just chilling under your feet.

Site 139 was large, had complete shade coverage and was right off the trail. It also had the unfortunate attribute of being at the bottom of the hill and kind of where all the water from everywhere seemed to be headed. Not a problem unless it’s raining a lot. Fortunately I realized this and set up my tent on the end of the parking space. Have you ever driven a tent stake into asphalt with a hatchet? Good times.

The bathrooms were clean and updated. The fishing was non existent due to the rain and I’ll go back soon to hike.

Did I mention that it rained? A lot?

Tiny Park That Lives Large

Tent camped 5JUL20, 1 night.

This is a great park, right on the banks of the Blanco and right on the edge of downtown Blanco, Tx.

Site 6 had decent trees but we were right in between 2 giant motor coaches, so quiet and rustic it was not, but it was beautiful and we made ample use of the river and swimming areas. Enjoyed the roof over the picnic table.

Restrooms were clean but a little older. No real hiking to speak of but we enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards we went to town and had some great BBQ.

Not too much to say about this park except that we loved it and will definitely be back, oh and MURDER HORNETS! (Maybe, but prolly not)

Great hikes, NO cell reception!

Tent camped 14JUL20, 1 night.

First, it was 108 the day I camped, in a tent, with no AC! (I did have a fan though.)

I 👏🏽 love 👏🏽 this 👏🏽 park👏🏽!! Hiked about 12 miles of trails and every one had a payoff. I could have spent a week hiking that park if I had time.

The sites are HUGE and have cool features like retaining walls. Not a lot of trees though but I barely noticed until I remembered I suffer from cedar fever, (went to school at UT.) Thought I had the COVID as I left until I remembered I camped under a cedar tree, haha.

BE WARNED, there is zero cell coverage once you get into the park. Might not be an issue for some but I had to drive up to the ranger station a couple times to let my wife know i was okay.

The water was low when I was there but it was clear and cool and absolutely beautiful.

This park exemplifies the Texas Hill Country!

I’ll be back soon.

Beautiful park close to Austin

Tent camped 21JUL 1 night.

Super clean park, good trails and great water features. The whole thing is kind of built around a couple swimming holes, which are the main attractions, and pretty amazing.

Sites were big and well treed. Super secluded and plenty of shade to be had.

Trails aren’t close to the sites, so you’ve got to drive once you are setup, which might not be an issue for most, but I like to dig in then hit the trails.

This was one night camp 6/10 for me in my campmaster project and it was fantastic.

Hot but no rain.

Great water, great hikes, great sites

Tent Camped 28JUL, 1 night. Even at half capacity the park was humming. Camp store/marina onsite. Got 10 miles of hikes in as well as a great sunset and sunrise (all from the fishing pier. Site 224 had amazing trees and was close to the bathrooms & the Devil’s watering hole without feeling cramped. Definitely camping here again this fall.