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I am an RV nut! I have a passion for exploring in my Class C RV as well as touring new and pre-owned Rvs.

A truly great place to camp, relax, catch some fish and just get away!

Located on the south shore of Pat Mayse Lake is the beautiful Corps Of Engineer campground Sanders Cove Recreation Area. This three loop campground is nestled among stunning trees and is a wonderful place to RV camp.

With two boat ramps you will have no issues putting your boat in the water. The swim area was kinda dull but better than nothing.

There is a serious fishing tournement held every year, Uncle Jesse Big Bass Classic Fishing Tournament, started by Denver Pyle who played Uncle Jesse on The Dukes of Hazzard fame, Denvers wife continues to hose this tournement in Denvers name today.

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First to Review
This is a full time trailer park

AS far as trailer parks go this one is ok, gravel roads and pads. there are full connections as well as a laundry facility but that is about it. certainly not a vacation destination.

A Beautiful And Remote Texas State Park!

On the very last day of 2018 we found ourselves camped out at Atlanta State Park on Wright Patman lake deep in the East Texas piney woods. Just a short drive north and west of the Texas Town of Atlanta set way back in the tall pine trees Atlanta State Park is truly a beautuful place to visit with your RV. Atlanta State Park is not well suited for the mobility challenged. I was unable to get down to the waters edge in most of the public use areas and there was little else for me to do in this Texas State Park. Our visit coincided with several days of cold winter rain and that further dampened our spirits and motivated us to cut short our visit by one full day. Dont get me wrong we really enjoyed our short visit to Atlanta State Park and look forward to a return visit when the sun is shinning but on this visit is was wet and gloomy. 

Come along with us as we pay a visit to Atlanta State Park!


One of My favorite Texas State Parks!

I spent three hots days exploring the DR Creek Unit of Cooper Lake State Park. This is a great campground! Most of the sites are in deep shade and are very level concrete pads.

If you have a boat then you will love the fishing on theis lake.

The day use area is OK, the swim area has a huge steel wall to block the wind and waves because they get really strong.

The cabins and shelters are pretty basic but they do the job.

plenty of wildlife for viewing and several great trails to explore.

Every campground I visit has at least two different videos on my YouTube…


One Of My Tope 5 Texas State Parks!

Buescher State Park, Texas is a wonderful and beautiful place to spend some time relaxing and RV camping! We had the pleasure of spending a day and night at Buescher State Park, Texas in May of 2017. This was our third stop on a 10 day 5 park tour. Buescher State Park, Texas is located in the Lost Pines area of Central Texas and is a great place for springtime camping, fishing and swimming! Hill Country wildlife abounds in this wonderful park! If you enjoy fishing, swimming, birding, hiking or Geocaching then you will enjoy a visit to Buescher State Park, Texas. 

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Such a Beautiful Family Friendly Campground

For our first RV camping trip of 2018 we took a short drive north to Bonham State Park right outside of Bonham, Texas. This great little Texas State Park was constructed by the CCC back in the 30's. There are plenty of things for a family to do while camping at Bonham State Park! Hiking, fishing, boat rental and best of all Smors cooked over a roaring camp fire! At every Texas Stae Park you can check out fishing equipment from the front office and you do not have to have a fishing license! Bonham State Park takes the fishing to a whole new level by providing boats so you can get out to where the fish are hiding! Bonham State Park is a great place to take the family for a long weekend of camping fun as it is just a short 45 min drive north of the DFW metroplex!

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We fell in LOVE with Little River campground!

In July 2020 we traveled north into Oklahoma to visit Little River Park. We found Little River Park on the Recreation.gov web site and just had to go pay a visit. On my previous trip into south East OK I meet some new friends from the area who told me to check out Pine Lake as it was way better for the mobility challenged. Upon our arrival to Little River Park we immediately were impressed with the stunning beauty of the area. We startled three deer as we were driving into Little River Park. Our site was great! Very level with a huge concrete pad that was ideal of the mobility challenged camper. We spent three days camping at Little River Park before the heat and humidity got the better of us and we decided to head back to home base. I look forward to a return trip to Little River Park on Pine Lake at some point in the future.

https://youtu.be/lx-HaTozn9gSite number 4

I Love Fort Parker State Park!

In early March of 2020, right at the beginning of the Covid 19 Pandimic, I had the opportunity to visit Fort Parker State Park is located next to the town of Mexia Texas and sits on the banks of Fort Parker Lake. This great Texas State Park was built by the CCC starting in 1935 and finishing in 1942. The CCC Company 3807(C) that constructed the park and for recreation was an an all African American CCC Camp. Old Fort Parker was rebuilt by the CCC in preparation for a Texas Centennial Observance in 1936, the rest of the constructs were completed over 6 years. Fort Parker State Park was dedicated in May 1941. Fort Parker State Park provides an excellent location for family camping trips, great family reunions or just a fun day hiking and exploring. Come along with me as I explore Fort Parker State Park!


Great Boaters Park!

It has been a while since I visited Eisenhower State Park. On my last visit it ssmed as if the park staff could care less. There was litter scattered everywhere. My neighbors had to complane multiple times to get someone to come to there campsite and clean up the large pile of tolet paper and human fecies that was right next to the picnic table.

(things may have changed since then, I sure hope they have).

The swim area in this park is down a pretty steep gravel trail that I had a hard time navegating. There is very limited bank access since the park sits about 50 feet up from the water line.

There is a  boat ramp, store, food truck, fuel for your boat and bait located at the marina.

I doubt very much that I ill return to this park as there is not much for the mobiity challenged to do.

One of my least favorite Texas State Parks To DAte

St Patrick’s Day 2018 we head out to Cedar Hill State Park on the banks of Joe Pool Lake. Cedar Hill State Park is one big Texas State Park! With over 300 campsites you are sure to find one to your liking! A visit to the historical Penn Farm, heavy spring rains and lots of paved roads for scooting make this visit to Cedar Hill State Park a truly unique Texas State Park Visit for the Dude RV crew!

There are 5 camping loops in this park! If you are wanting a lakeside campsite there are many options. The 3 loops on the north end of the park are close to the very busy road so there is road noise all the time.

The Penn FArm exhibit is very cool for the whole family and is ADA compliant but a bit on the rough side for handicap scooters. 

The day use area was in need of some work on my visit but I think the day use area has since been rebuilt.

You can see the several videos of my visit on my YouTube…DudeRV

Lake Tawakoni State Park, Nice but not a top 5 Texas State Park

The first weekend camping trip of 2019 found me (Dude RV)  camping in the cold and rain at Lake Tawakoni State Park. This Texas State Park is a fisherman's paradise! 

You will have no issues with bank fishing at Lake Tawakoni State Park as there is so much shore line! 

My visit to Lake Tawakoni State Park was on the fist weekend of March 2019, and that just happened to be a record setting cold temp event! I spend two very cold days and nights RV camping at Lake Tawakoni State Park. I had the pleasure of meeting new friends and fellow You Tubers Mike and Christie of The Sunset Seekers, great people! Go check out their channel!

I did a little fishing but it was so cold that I really did not want to catch anything because I would have to put my hannds it the water!

I found the park to be a little dated for Texas State Parks. The trails were pretty well unaccessable for my mobility scooter and the park ranger tride to limit my use of the scooter, I set him on the correct path. 

I think this park would be better in the warmer seasons. You can see my videos of this park on my YouTube,… Dude RV.

Isle Du Bois (Lake Ray Roberts State Park)

In the hot month of July 2020 I loaded up Little Red and headed out to spend several days camping at the Isle Du Bois Unit of Ray Roberts Lake. Located north of the greater DFW Metroplex Isle Du Bois is one of the busiest Texas State Parks in North Texas. Ray Roberts Lake is situated in the Cross Timbers region of Texas as a result there are plenty of big oak trees to provide shade and there is an abundance of wildlife as well. The Isle Du Bois unit features well over 2 miles of concrete hike and bike trails as well as one of the nicest beaches found in North Texas. Isle Du Bois State Park on Ray Roberts Lake is an excellent place to catch a whole lot of fish! A five lane boat ramp means there is very little wait time to launch and recover. No boat? No worries! Isle Du Bois features an excellent fishing pier and plenty of easy to access bank. Come along with me as I explore the Isle Du Bois Unit of Ray Roberts Lake State Park!