Joey H.

Colorado Springs, CO

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Really nice

I loved the lake! go and experience it for your self

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love it

I love this place its so nice I would recommend going there.


This is a very neat place and new mexico is just neat in general. Great service too.


This was a great place I would recommend going there.

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Close to the Resivor

It is a nice place there its close to the resivor almost close enough to walk. If you have a boat its easy to get to the boat dock. I been canoeing here and its a great training place for beginners.

Next to the highway

Most koa's are next to the highway the people are grumpy sometimes just like at all the koa's but sometimes there nice. The creek is nice to see too.


The campground was nice and the creek was nice to look at. But go up to the north pole its really rad if you have kids but don't let then lick the ice pole because its super unsanitary.

Nice Lake

The lake was my favrote part. Depending on where you went there were nice fields to play frisbee in.

The people were nice

Every one there is awesome

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It was nice