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Beautiful little James Island is a gem in the San Juans

james is a small island in the San Juan Islands. It has a couple of camp sites, a dock to moor up to 6 boats and 2 pit toilets. The views on either side are outstanding. Beautiful views of Blake Island on one side and Mt. Baker framed on the other. There are hiking trails, beautiful bluffs to view sunrise and sunset. The area isn’t super level, perfect spot to hammock camp. Only accessible by water. There are picnic tables. There is good kayaking landing spots on both sides of the island with the typical pebble beaches found in this area. Your Chaco’s WILL fill up quickly.

Bring your Raccoon repellent if you are visiting Blind Island

Blind Island is tiny but for a kayaker it is a perfect spot to camp while touring the San Juan Islands. At first glance Blind looks like one of a dozen small mound islands in this area BUT it is part of the Cascadia Marine Trail which makes it a gem. The majority of this beautiful island group is privately owned. That can make island hopping a challenge, especially in the summer when the available sites are packed.

Bring all your own water, there is no fresh water available on Blind Island. There are 2 campsites available at the top of the island. Great views await you of Shaw, Orcas and Mt Baker.

Did I mention Raccoons. They maybe cute in photos but on Blind they are a constant unwanted companion. They will attempt to get into your food-day and night. Be very conscious of their presence and keep a very clean camp.

Location, location location...if you want amazing sunset photos camp here

Obstruction Pass is a decent campground in the very crowded San Juan Islands. They just build a new self composting toilet that is amazing. The sites are large enough for good size kayak groups. The raccoons where minimal, which says a lot of this area. The sunsets where magical and the campground has 2 beach access points. The downside is it also has drive-in access. Therefore it is crowded and one of the noiser campgrounds in the San Juan area.

Good launch site for kayaking in the San Juan Islands

Spencer’s Spit is a great kayak launch spot or a base camp for exploring Lopez Island in the San Juan’s. Good campsites situated in a forest. Large sites with tables and close facilities. The actual Spit has kayak rentals and fire pits. We launched our trip from here. Nice wide beach for kayaks to enter the water. Fresh water to fill our Drom bags too.

Beautiful lake and a network of amazing trails

Colonial Creek is situated in the heart of the North Cascades. It has easy boat access to Ross Lake and trails along Thunder Creek. Has clean restrooms and spacious campsites. Sites are first come, first served. Sites are wooded and bugs were minimal.

Gateway to the North Cascades National Park

I recently stayed at Newhalem in the North Cascades. The facilities where limited but very clean. They have an amazing visitors center with very helpful staff. This is the perfect location to start to explore the North Cascades. It is situated very close to the river, with fly fishing access. The sites are good sized and plentiful. The park staff was very helpful with changing our reservation and knowledge about the surrounding area.