Joel H.

North, TX

Joined August 2019

I tent camp and love to be outside. The wilder the better. The more mountainous the better. I prefer cold over hot, snow over rain. I enjoy hiking, backpacking, fly fishing, reading, and campfires.


Not the most stunning campground ever, however, I loved it! It was a great set up, plenty of bathrooms (no showers tho), set in a beautiful gorge with a beautiful creek. If you’re lucky enough you can get a site right next to the creek! Only around 40 sites total - they’re all RV compatible. I’m a tent camper personally. You’re right at a trailhead that connects with a vast network of trails taking you deeper into the mountains or directly to the actual hot springs, bath houses, and the historic area. If you want to drive to those places it’s a 7 minute drive.
Only a few cons. Not every campsite has a fit ring, there’s a heavily used road right by the campground thats on a hill so there’s some unfortunate revved engine noise pretty regularly, and there’s only about 10-15 campsites by the river.
I look forward to going back soon!

Great find

This was a great find for my son and I put on a long weekend stay. The staff at the camp were great, kind, responsive, and very helpful. The price is fantastic. The facilities are very basic but good. We will definitely be going back.

Worth every penny

At $55/night I initially was a little skeptical. What is worth $55/night to pitch a tent. The owners here showed me. They really go above and beyond making each campground unique, hospitable, and artsy. There’s solar powered lights that come in at night that give just the right amount of festive touch without overdoing it or being too bright. There’s solitude yet connectedness. The spit we’re at, #3, is perfect for tents. Huge fire pit, great huge log benches, an awesome campfire cooking set, a charcoal grill as well, portapotty, trash can, water, and even a small welcome packet with cards and dish soap. It’s a lovely and thoughtful place. Just a hint of glamping - the perfect amount in my opinion. We’ll be back for sure. Oh the animals! How could I forget!?!?!? My daughter would come back for the pigs, goats, horses, cats, chipmunks, prairie dogs, and assorted other animals as well.
The owners are over the moon wonderful. Can’t say enough. One of the best camp sites I’ve ever been to.

Great spot

Camped here the last 2 nights and it was fantastic. For $25/night it’s a good deal. There’s not clearly marked camping areas, which is both kinda cool and a little disorienting. Some of the camping areas have small, perfectly sized covered picnic table areas which are absolutely wonderful. The campsites are nearly all along a babbling brook, stream, or river. The roads to the entrance, to the campsites, and definitely up to the lakes are best suited if not exclusively suited for trucks and 4WD vehicles. Currently there’s no restroom facilities unless you personally rent a porta-potty to be brought to your campsite. We’ll be coming back. A word for tent campers, at least during my stay the volume of RV’s virtually dominated the park.

Great camping spot

We canoed & kayaked in from Tyler Bend Campground. Great place to camp. Not much on amenities. Perfect for what we were looking for. Would definitely go back.

Phenomenal Spot

Great camping. Very close access to stunning Buffalo National River with crystal clear water running through the Ozarks. High bluffs. Nice facilities with bathrooms, potable water, etc. definitely going back.

Pretty neat

Great spot to camp en route on your road trip. Pretty sunsets and scenery. Basic. Looked like probably good fishing. Not sure about hiking and we didn’t visit the dinosaur tracks unfortunately.


The campground itself is kinda cool. Good usual amenities in usual National Park fashion. The wild nightlife that can be seen and heard is really, really cool. And of course the hiking and views are absolutely incredible.

Pretty amazing

Incredible campground setting!!! Absolutely beautiful. Crystal clear water that’s fun for kids and adults. Really interesting things to do and see in the park. Not too hot in the summer. We went 2 summers ago and my kids still talk about it.

The ONLY reason I did not give this campground a glowing 5 stars was because of the staff. There was one man in particular who was just a jerk and rude. There was some other staff that were just not pleasant & welcoming but they weren’t jerks. I did call the main administrative offices to report the man I referenced above and of course they apologized and said they’d take care of it appropriately, I never knew the outcome.

Good place to get away

A private company owns (I think) and operates the campground. It’s nice and clean with good amenities. It does fill up on weekends quickly. The campground itself isn’t what I go to WMWR for but I’m not at all disappointed by the campground. Lots of trees and wildlife. Bison can and do walk through the campground which unique and pretty amazing.

There’s lots to do in the Refuge like shorter and somewhat long hikes as well as fishing and non-motorized boating. Watching wildlife like the bison and prairie dogs are very entertaining and remarkable. The towns of Meers and Medicine Park have their unique offerings as well. WMWR is a fabulous place to get away for flatlanders….or anyone really.

It’ll do

It’s amazing because you’re in RMNP but the campground itself is nothing special. It’s efficient, easy to find, right off HWY 34, bathrooms not a far walk. The views are great of course because, again, it’s in RMNP. If it weren’t in RMNP it probably would get at least 1 or 2 less stars. It’s not a campground to go and stay at but one to go and sleep at in between adventures in RMNP. I will say it’s right by the headwaters of the Colorado River, which is more like a large stream at that point, and there were people going fly fishing so that me another reason to camp at this campground.

Ponderosa Campground

Awesome 4 tent campsites tucked away at end of parking lot. A short jaunt from vehicle to campsites so does require carrying your gear. Pretty neat. Highly recommend.