Nice, quiet campground

Our site was very large, which was nice as it gave us more than enough room to set up our tent, leaving space between us and the neighboring sites.

For the families - there’s a couple small playgrounds on site, which is a good opportunity for the littles to burn some energy. There’s also a nice covered pool, but we didn’t use it because the most shallow point was 4’6”, which is great for bigger kids, but with little ones, it’s a bit more difficult. There’s a river that offers tubing. Again, our kids are a bit too little for that, but we went down to the water to check it out, and it was beautiful, quiet, and not real deep. Perfect for a relaxing float.

Beware, the office and bar/restaurant are located inside the barn. I say beware because there are barn swallows that nest on the outside of the barn. TONS of barn swallows. They’re mostly harmless, but they do swoop down and get pretty close, so you need to watch out a little bit.

All in all, it’s a pretty great place to camp. Beautiful, quiet (people seem to mostly respect the idea of “quiet time”), spacious, and relaxing. Also, it doesn’t hurt that you’re away from the bright lights of the city, so star gazing is amazing!

Beautiful views

Very quiet area, and our site was overlooking the water, which offered an amazing view. Will definitely be returning here again.

Great spot to bring the kids

Plenty of activities here for the kids. What was really nice though was the fact that right next door is a hotel with a water park, so when we got intense rain, we loaded up most of our stuff and grabbed a hotel room for the night, and the littles were able to get their swim on, and then get a good night’s rest in a warm, dry room.

Good for the whole family

Has a nice sand beach with clear water for swimming, as well as a pool area that are both great for the kids. There’s also a few animals that you can go over and feed if you like. It was mostly quiet when we went, which was a very good thing. As long as you find a spot that’s not too close to the office, you’re good. If you’re too close, the dance parties that they host can get a bit loud, but are still fun for the kids to drain some energy.

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