Joe L.

Denver, CO

Joined October 2020

I'm out there baby

Great spot for a few nights

Wonderful campsites all throughout along and inside canyon walls. We found a nice one with a few well built fire rings right next to a trailhead. Came in with a 2wd low gear and didnt go to far in but was able to make it past some easier spots for more seclusion. The hikes and views are top notch. Pack in pack out, relatively clean. Some weekend party people blasted techno late a few nights. That was the only disturbance in the trip. Wind isnt as bad as some other spots around here.

Decent but not isolated

Depending on where you camp the roads go from semi rough to very rough. Tough if it rains. Lots of established camps at the beginning with a wide spread of space. Great for RV or none tent campers all around. I'm tent camping so drove to the outskirts and decided that the softer sand at the beginning was more suitable than the cracked surface of the once was lake. Lots of space between camps but not many high trees so isolated but in sight. That and the rougher roads plus high traffic led to the 3 rating. Free is free and no one within 100 ft so 3 is what it is for me. Not bad. Not good.

Plenty of space

A little tricky for my 2wd in some spots. Plenty of room to roam and space out if youd like. Nice little fire pits and flat surfaces near trees. Beautiful weather. Sunsets and sunrises are breathtaking. Little bit of road noise in the distance. Sweet hikes at JT.

Nice stop for a night

Fairly easy to find and the roads are decent. Plenty of camping on the lake. All camping sites on side of lake with entrance. Nice level sites. Plenty of fire wood to forage. Great fishing. Was the only one camping but had some beaver neighbors catching fish all night. No hikes but a jog around the lake was pleasant. Beautiful sunrise on the lake. Wildlife heard all around. I enjoyed my stay

Nice secluded spot

Was able to find the camping right away. There was one other group set up. Nice roomy sites with fire rings. After setting up I took a great hike on the nearby trails connected to Jackson falls. Some wonderful hiking and an abundance of climbing! I did some free climbing on small boulders and managed to climb my way back to the top of the gorge. Upon returning i noticed the other camp had left the grounds to myself. Rain came over night and eventually forced my hand to leave the next day and dry out. Definitely going back. Careful with the rain, the camp is right on the stream so I woke to being surrounded by streams. The path out is also very steep. I was able to handle it with a small car but any more mud or rain I would have been stuck. good luck!