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A man and his dog BoomerZ go hot tubbin
      Spencer’s Hot Springs. What a treat. Though a long way out in middle of nowhere land which is awesome this trip was worth the dip. Spent a week here exploring the hot springs, the gold  mines in the local area (do not go in though), and the Toquima Caves with ancient Pictographs about 8 miles further up the same service road I came in on 001 next to Toquima campground. 
      Their are 4 different soak areas at Spencer’s Hot Springs ranging from 104-115 degrees in the tubs currently and one has gold fish in the overflow. If you are the only one their you may have to drive/walk around and look low to the ground to find the tubs except the main big one which is in the ground. Their is a hill if you need to you can walk to top and you will see them all if you look carefully. Be clean and be aware of the random wind gusts and local Donkeys that will visit you at night. Yup. Face to face. It happened. Lol. 
      ATT cell service was good whole time. Bring extra and a smidge more food water gas. It’s a ways out their down the loneliest road in America. 
A guy and his dog BoomerZ visit Valley of Fire Nv.

Valley of Fire Wow. Beautiful bright vibrant colors everywhere. Worth every second of adventuring here. I stayed 2 days and explored a lot. I think for me it’s was about right beings solo with a dog. Three days maybe lol. I love this place.

A guy and his dog Toquerville Falls Utah

Toquerville Falls Utah. BLM area. Free off grid camping. Cool place to see. Lots of off road, 4 wheeler/side by side, dirt bike, Hiking to do in the area. This is NOT a 2 wheel drive adventure to see a water fall. It’s strictly 4 wheel drive only. Hike it first to end don’t ruin your vehicle for this. Steep. Slick. 2 ft rock boulderings straight drop offs and roads cut towards them. If too slick see ya. Trust. Walk it. 4wd is ok. 3.5 miles takes 45min slow Mo style. So walking speed? Almost. Walk it no 2wd.

“Camp Davis” Bullhead City Arizona

What an awesome Campground with just about everything. If you want to rent camp spend the day hike explore boat it’s awesome here and they are extremely dog friendly with a bunch of dog stations. If you have a RV of any size it’s perfect and wide open here. The Colorado river is beautiful and at your door step. Rent jet skis or go on a boat ride from the Casino across the river on the Nevada side in Laughlin. Camp Davis is huge and theirs something for everyone here if it’s just a day or two for you and the pooch (Boomerz)

Top of Kelso Dunes or bust!

Spent several days here with my puppy Boomerz just beyond the dispersed campground area under one of the big power towers. Super flat and nice and quiet. The star gazing is amazing. No city lights. Lots of Cactus and maybe a Desert Tortoise sighting. The Kelso dunes are no joke. 600’ climb in elevation in deeeeeeeep sand that’s been accumulating for 25k years. It’s breath taking literally once your their. But go prepared with water and salty snacks to help with the sweat loss. If you have kids think worlds tallest sand slide and take a sled of some sorts. Research it. Be safe. Be prepared and take extra extra extra. No services anywhere within 100 miles. You’ll see.

Over nighter at the Olive Pit

Not much to say similar to rest stop. Spent evening in their parking lot that does say no parking unless your a customer. I went in and purchase couple jars of olives to take to Slab City with me as trading stock now I’m a customer (happy face). No one messed with me and it was decently quiet. Only two other rvs. Super small dog potty area too but it’s their yay.

24 hrs in the SLABS

Ok I went here hoping to spend more than 24 hrs and explore and what not but I stuck out like a sore thumb with a military truck and decent travel trailer. Theirs TOOO much need in this community (comparable to skid row if your familiar but in the desert) This is more than just DISPERSED camping where you pull over and kick back. Its literally survival at all times because that’s what THEY are doing in the desert. I could not sleep with all the evening noises and people tweaking/high on something walking around. That all said Salvation Mountain is pretty amazing and safe due to its state protected and at entrance into the Slabs so it’s well traveled. So much LOVE went into it. Do drive around the outskirts of the slabs some too and you’ll find plenty of random desert art that Slabs City is known for.

Joshua Tree/Coyote Lake bed dispersed desert camping

Words Can’t Describe…How amazing the evening colors are over Joshua Tree as the sunsets. The entire lake bed area and well beyond into the desert N.E. is dispersed desert camping. This spot specifically is close to the motorcycle track and 4x4 area. If your into off roading this is a fun place to check out while exploring Joshua Tree National Park. Be prepared but Walmart is like 15min away and Joashua Tree RV/camp is 3.5 miles further up the road passed Broadway and they only charged me $3 for 45 gallons of potable water that I took back to the desert. Score in a pinch.

Guy and his dog at a Pit Stop?

Spent the evening in the RV/Truck area after stocking up on some Olive stuffed garlic and artichokes. Mmmm. Was quiet besides the obvious freeway intersection area near by but NOT complaining. Easy boon-docking. Small pet area. Well lit if you park under a light. Safeway,Burger King, Taco Bell, Auto parts store lots more in little area around The Olive Pit. Basically park and walk to get shopping done. Boom. Hope this helps a little.

Guy and his dog Boomer.

Spent last 10 days at JSSP. This is one of my most favorite campsites. Theirs boating, swimming, hiking, biking, dog park, several updated kids large outdoor play grounds. So many trails and adventures to be had. I’ve spent 10 days here and this isn’t my first go and I’m still discovering things. JSSP is clean clean clean and Huge with like 151 spaces to accommodate everything lol I love it here. Just beautiful and peaceful and calm. Nice get away from life. Thank you JSSP hosts/rangers. I’ll be back.

Joecoastie and his dog

Spent 7 days (max) here. Camp hosts went out of their way to make it comfortable, clean and quiet. Completely dispersed tent or rv camping with a Washington Discovery Pass ($35 year) otherwise FREE for up too 7 days. Just register campsite upon arrival at front billboard or call ahead with questions or availability. First come first serve. Entire campground has decent roads but go extra extra slow in areas. Their are also couple nice campground public toilets but NO water or power. Bring sewer if able. Pet friendly but rules strictly enforced. I gave it 5 stars due to MY stay was amazing and my dog had a good time too. Thanks Margaret McKenny Camp hosts Ginny and Steve.