Dene H.


Seattle , WA

Joined July 2020

Drifting everywhere



Made reservation on Arrived at 4pm. Sites are said to be assigned upon arrival. Camp host was the only tent found pitched in the entire campground. It’s during the pandemic and some places are closed. Campground sign said full. Yelled to see if anyone was there in the campsite and no answer from the camp host. Left a voicemail with campground to let them know my name and reservation info and I have was going to look for a spot. Picked a spot with shade - very few available. Some trees, but not large Sequoias like you may expect since it’s near the Sequoia National Forest. This place is desert hot and might be a bit miserable for folks to just hangout here. There’s no hookups. It’s near Lake Isabella. Went to bed and didn’t see a camp host that evening. ANTS!! So many ants in my camper in the morning. Ack!! Talked to a waitress in town and she says the campground I was at is known for an ant problem. Had to get diatomaceous earth at the hardware store in town along with ant traps galore now that my camper was overrun. Find out from the locals this campground has a reputation for being bad. I had to reconsider my plan to stay there and went elsewhere… so frustrating.

A little sketchy..

I’m not a fan of KOA unless I am in a pinch for the night and don’t feel the area is good for boondocking. This place is just on the edge of my comfort zone for a KOA. The energy here isn’t quite right. I didn’t talk to any staff with a after hours check in and took off early. It was a parking spot for the night. I didn’t use any hookups, but there’s no privacy between sites at all. It’s an empty field with picnic tables. I didn’t use the amenities because showers were $10. A train is notably close to the campground. No wifi…

Nice small campground

Nice out of the way smaller campground. It’s sort of close to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial, Jewel Caves, and Badlands. Sites are large but not private. My truck camper was overrun by little bugs, so bring the diatomaceous earth and bug repellent. There’s no shade for most spots but they did have picnic tables. Pit toilets only. Fire rings were at each site.

Dry camping with a dash of awesome

Absolutely my favorite parking spot on the coast. A short beach trail brings you directly from the campground to the ocean beach. Fall asleep listening to the roar of the ocean in a safe location away from the tides. It’s a gravel parking lot situated right next to the ocean. I have seen rigs of all sizes, but all must be self contained to stay. There’s no tenting here. The casino is a short walk away for games, food, drinks, bathrooms, and a shuttle to town. You could stay for a couple weeks free when I was there. It’s dry camping and there’s no other amenities, but this place became one of my favorite places for R&R on the weekends.

So busy!

We stayed here two weeks and decided never to return because it was far too busy and crowded. Sites are priced high. It’s a really nice park for the lake access. Our neighbors behind us were camping directly next to our RV bedroom. The next site’s campfire was so close we couldn’t escape their smoke if we tried. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, this is not ideal.

River access!

Best thing about this campground is the river access. It’s a big floodplain so lots of lawn space. This isn’t a quiet private place to camp. If you’re into tubing or floating the river, you’re going to be in hog heaven. Showers and bathrooms were nasty and showed signs of weathering floods.

Really nice lake

Lake Kachess Campground is a great modern family campground. The Lake Kachess campsites are semi-private and attractive if you’re interested in amenities and socializing with other campers. Behind this campground up the forest service road is Box Canyon where dispersed camping took place for many years and has been shut down from time to time. Excellent fishing and places to explore in the woods.

Dispersed and wild

I awoke to -10 F here and will never forget it. I took my 4x4 with camper up here for the rockiest ever ride halfway up the trail. It’s good to have extra clearance on this road. You’re going to need it. There’s a lot of people who take one look and turn back because it’s all big rocks. It’s dispersed camping and I didn’t see a whole lot of established camp areas.

A KOA that’s okay

It’s a KOA, so it gets 4 stars because it has a lawn, picnic tables with shade, and trees…. The night I spent there was a dust storm with some intense winds, so bring your tie-downs. Really close to Bighorns Recreation Areas. Facilities are okay and it was well maintained by attentive staff.

Many memories

My friends and I went camping here for years. We enjoyed the privacy and primitive experience. It’s FCFS so we would send a friend earlier in the week to stake out a spot.

Camp near the road and train

It’s camping, but it’s not peaceful. There’s a lot of folks that come out here to party hard. Roads nearby make for loud noise constantly. If you’re looking for a place to party, this might be a good call. I would not recommend coming here if you’re looking for tranquility by the river.

Sites on the Tolt River

It’s right in the floodplain, so it is only enjoyable when it is not rainy season. This campground is south of Duvall, which is an affluent town with shops and things to do. The campground is next to a classy laundromat, and I say classy because it’s probably one of the nicest laundromats in the area that even has a dumpsite for RVs. There’s not a lot of privacy for the campsites. Good location for parking and exploring the east side of Lake Washington cities or access to mountains and hiking on I90.

Parking spot

It’s a parking spot. If you’re after a concrete spot by the road, this’ll work. It’s not camping. It is not peaceful. It is not meant for comfort by design… Lots of traveling medical staff use this location because of proximity to Seattle, Bellevue, and Redmond.

Busy but an amazing view

I was a volunteer camp host for this park for a month. It’s a busy place on the weekends especially. The system in Washington is sometimes showing how overwhelmed and understaffed they are, and this park is so severely understaffed it’s sad. Many folks do not understand how to cleanup and leave no trace. As volunteers, we learned a lot about the area, the fight with the Tulalip Tribe to have the land, the desecration of indian burial grounds, the full sale of the land by a private owner to the state because of a haunting and a family curse… there’s a ton of local drama in these lands. If you’re a ghost nut, this place is for you - ask the campground staff for the history.

Busy place

We camped here for our honeymoon party. Brought a ton of friends and partied there. I cannot say that we were model citizens, but then again there were plenty of little boys climbing the trees to see into our camp after we put up tarps for privacy screens. This place has some greenery to make privacy between spaces, but it is always busy when we were there. There’s ice cream vendors and firewood trucks that come through the park, so it is not exactly an escape from civilization at all. Really close to all Westport can offer.

Asthma? Don’t do it

This campground is PERFECT…until you realize there’s a Tesoro refinery not all that far away in the distance across the bay. My asthma bugged me non-stop here because of the refinery fumes. It’s sad really because this campground is right on the bay, and you really cannot safely park any closer to the water than these sites. No privacy for sites, but the view is stunning…until you look over at the refinery.

Air base nearby

If you can handle the constant sound of aircraft from the nearby base on Whidbey Island, you will be just fine at this location. If you want to talk over the aircraft noise all the time with your friends sitting right next to you or you can read lips, you’re going to be just fine…. so so so loud.

Nice place for fishing

Close to fishing access points and heavily wooded sites allow for privacy and tranquility. Great for someone who needs some peace. Popular place but still has a quiet feel.

Really nice place

Gold Basin is close to the river and lots of hiking. This campground is big and popular, but it’s spaced well so you don’t feel like you’re on top of each other. Well forested sites make for some privacy.

A small popular park

I lived in this park for a few weeks in our Class A. It is a nice park with some larger sites and some privacy. Showers and flush toilets. Lake access is nice in the summertime. The park is very popular with the locals so it is important to reserve far in advance.