Jim L.

West Frankfort , IL

Joined August 2020


Cave -in -Rock

I have been coming here for a really long time. My parents always brought me and my two younger brothers here since we were very young and I’m 64 years old now. We would buy fresh caught catfish right here and have a great picnic with all the trimmings. I just love it here. Now me and my wife and kids, well they are grown now, but we have been bringing them since they were little. Really laid back and very relaxing. I highly recommended this place for a really great day.

Garden of the gods

I’ll tell y’all, the beauty of this place, just amazing how god has created this outstanding and magnificent place.

Devil's kitchen

I'll tell y'all, the fishing is great here

Rend lake dam

Man, just wouldn't believe the fishing 🎣 here.

Coy and Wilma's

Pretty nice place, clean and close to stores.

Good place to bring the kids for a day out

Good place to bring the kids for a day out. The fishing 🎣 is really good here 😊

South Marcum

Great place for camping, clean and really nice place.

N. Sandusky camp grounds

What can I say, all the places around Rend Lake are great. Really enjoyed camping here, stayed a week. I’ll be back.

Garden of the Gods

Spectacular, outstanding views, ancient cliff formations I love this place. They have camping, i think just tents though.

WF State Rec Area

I’m here every year. Had to wait this year though cause of the virus. Beautiful and quiet. The fishing is really good here.

Fern cliff

This place is really great. Hiking and camping get an a+

Padre Island

I stayed here for a month. Just me and my back packing equipment. Just beautiful.

National Refuge

So much to do here I’ll just have to keep coming back to get everything in.

Crab Orchard

Really like this place for camping and hiking, lots of trails really like the area.

South Sandusky camp grounds

All brand new. They have redone this whole place, really nice, very clean .

Camping at Rend Lake

Just beautiful, the Corp of Engineering’s really take care of these camp grounds, very clean, most have new showers. Love it here, just wish I could stay all year round.🚴‍♀️🚣‍♀️🏊‍♂️

S Sandusky

Very clean, new showers