A good place to get rest near town

Needed a place close to Moab so we could hit the Jeep trails early in the morning and not have a long drive in to town. The site was a clean, nice open space. The only drawback is that you are right off a highway so you will be getting traffic noise all the time at this campground. Being so close to town, it filled up fast. We got our spot around 4PM on a Thursday and there were many people driving through looking for a spot all night but it was full by 6PM. About a 15 minute drive back to Moab from here.

Nice place to camp for the night

This spot is at the end of a forest road that runs west of Nemo, SD. There are other dispersed camping sites along the way as well. This spot butts up right next to a cliff with the Boxelder Creek running below and gives good views of the Black Hills to the south. No amenities at all here. A high clearance vehicle will most likely be needed to get back to this spot.

Great ocean beach camp spot in the middle of the country

Felt like I was at an ocean beach in the middle of NEBRASKA. Paid the necessary dues at the entrance to the beach area and then drove along the water to find the perfect spot. Backed the Jeep up to the water and called it home for the night. It was a little windy the day I stayed there…hopefully it is calmer most days. I think you can find other spots in coves that would guard you from the wind if needed. Great sunset and sunrise views.

Great site. Very clean.

Clean campsite. Fire pit had recently been cleaned out. Nice little path down to the water from this spot. Water and electricity available but didn't use this trip. If you hammock camp, the poles on the canopy are perfectly spaced for a great hang. No firewood to buy on premises so pick it up in the near town of Ponca City if you want to light a fire. There is dead wood around as well if you want to source it that way.

Decent campsite

Stayed here 2 nights while going over to the off-road area just south of the dam. Liked the proximity to the off-road area…made getting there very easy. Only dislike was the quiet hours don't seem to be enforced as both nights there was noise pretty late into the night/morning. The river does not flow through there very rapidly so if you are expecting some water noise to sleep to, it won't happen here. Several nice trees for hammock camping if that is your choice. Reserved 12, 13 & 14 together for 6 campers and gave ample room for everyone to spread out and not have neighbors too close.

Great trail campsite with a creek

Saw this trail-side camp site while out Jeeping in the mountains near Breckenridge, CO. Nice pull-in site with a fire ring available and plenty of firewood that you can cut up around. The area was in a fire ban at the time so we were not able to start a fire. Had a nice sound of the creek rushing along beside us. Arrived at camp a little late that night (was already dark) and had no traffic around during our whole stay. There are lots of similar sites along the trail.

Great spot off of Boreas Pass Trail

Found this spot at about 7PM on a Friday night near the Breckenridge end of the Boreas Pass Trail (39.451441,-106.014294). The spot does have a fire ring but was unable to use it as a fire ban was in place at the time. Could hear some occasional traffic noise as cars were leaving the trail. Temperature got down to 16 degrees that night. Altitude is about 10,600 feet at this site.

Great campsite by the Rio Grande River

Reserved a spot by the Rio Grande over Labor Day weekend. Stayed one night and fell asleep to the flowing river. Spot #7 was perfect as it has a picnic table and fire ring to the left of where you pull in and the campsite is to the right and gets you close to the river. There are other camp spots near but you can't hear anyone else over the roar of the river.  Walking tour in the videos below.

Nice campground...very busy

Got a nice little spot on the lake to do some hammock camping for two nights. Was able to get this spot within the week which was a surprise as busy as it was. Campground is close to Rogers, Arkansas if you need any supplies. I used it as a gateway to head in to the Ozark National Forest which is about 1.5 hours away.

Nice campground off Lake Ouachita

Stayed at this campsite after a long day on the Lake Ouachita Vista Trail. Wouldn't recommend Site #2 but I did arrive at camp around 6PM on a Friday and was able to get the site so that was a plus. Took a brief walk around the camp and it has some nice amenities including showers and a beach if you want to go swimming.

Great campsite and spot if you are in to off-roading

Went here for a Jeep Jamboree and had a great time. There are several areas to tent camp and have great amenities as well. Toilets, showers, food, etc. The hosts are very hospitable and treat you great!

Great camping by the Current River

Pulled in to this campsite late on Memorial Day weekend and found a riverside spot to throw the tent up. Was maybe 5 feet from the river. Had that great water sound going all night to sleep to!

Great spot for an overnight.

A buddy and I hiked the Prairie Spirit Trail and used Lake Garnett for our overnighter. The area is quiet from road traffic and there were no other campers around us for this night. We stayed at the very north end of the Lake (aptly named North Lake Park). Plenty of trees around for hammock camping as this is what we did that night.

Very nice campsite...great lake-side views

Very nice campground just west of Holton and about a 35 minute drive north of Topeka. Not many primitive campers there at the time but plenty of RV'ers.

2 nights in Deep Ford Campground

Great campsite. Had neighbors around us but it was very quiet. This site held 5 tent campers and 1 hammock camper and there was still plenty of room. Great fire pit and cement picnic table for cooking. Stayed here for a Jeeping event. The trails are just a mile or so away so it made them very accessible. Ample parking as well.

Great spot with 360 degree views

The fire tower has two levels with 2 twin beds on each level. I recommend staying in the top level as the views are amazing. Look one way, you can see downtown Denver. Look another, Pike's Peak. Another, Mount Evans. It is windy up at 11,500 feet and it rattles the windows at times, but again…the views. The space itself is only about 20' x 20' but you are never bored as the scenery changes in every direction every 5 minutes. You have to reserve the tower well in advance but it is definitely worth it. I must mention there is also about a mile hike up to the tower with your gear but again, it is definitely worth it.

Nice, clean campground

Campsite was pretty packed on a Saturday night in late September. We didn't have a reservation but was able to get one of the last tent sites available. Nice spot, fire pits have nice swinging grates on them. There was a picnic table at our spot as well. Great view of the lake from here. We were in Campsite 092. Only drawback is that there must be a cow farm somewhere to the south as you will hear cows mooing all night at this campground.

Great little campground by a lake

Great spot by a small lake in Stephen's State Forest. Didn't have a soul around us for the night we camped here (late September). Temps were around 43 degrees at night. Fire pits have nice swinging grates on them. There was a picnic table at each spot as well. We were in Campsite 007. Would have given 5 stars but you will hear train horns blowing all night at this location.

Great camp - rough drive up

Great campground in the Wasatch mountains. The views driving up to and down from the campground are impressive. The drive though can be a little rough…I was in a 2014 Explorer and it took us roughly a half hour to drive the 5 miles up to camp. If you have a 4X4, it should be no issue.