Jillian P.
Joined June 2018
Vista Linda

My friends and I came here over Memorial Day weekend, I really enjoyed the campground and area. The campground is in a valley nestled between beautiful deep red striped mountains. Each camp site has a grill, a fire pit, and a canopy which was perfect to set up our hammocks in. There is a small stream that runs through the campground, which claims to have fish, mainly trout! There are two tiny cities nearby, one with a wonderful historical site (I highly recommend), and nice neat little shops. There’s two hot springs, two waterfalls, a fishing o lake a few miles away. I would enjoy coming here again anytime!

Buffalo Springs Lake

Buffalo Sprinfs Lake and it’s campground is a nice place near Lubbock to get away. My high school “outdoors club” enjoys coming here to hike on the trails, kayak the lake, and camp. There are fire pits, bathrooms with running water, and a Marina restaurant on site. The Lubbock area is scarce on beauty, but this campground will at least wet your whistle until you can go some place nicer/farther away.