Bring the tent, leave the beer

This place is nice and beautiful place, there was little to no trash floating around the sites, and it was obvious that the rangers took pride in this camp site. When I met the ranger, I soon realized that he may have been taking his job too seriously… I felt like I was at a high school party that just got busted by the cops. The ranger was telling us full grown adults that we had to throw away all of our alcohol. He demanded that we empty our wine bottle and growlers, I dont understand why we had to waste all of that money spent on alcohol, when we could have simply put it away, and drank it on a later date after we had checked out from the camp site. I honestly felt like I was a teenager again, and this cocky ranger was a wanna be cop or something. I understand some places you are not allowed to drink, and I respect that, however, I respect it by putting the corks back into my bottles, not by pouring them out onto the grass. If they asked me to pack up my booze, I might have come back to camp another time. however the way that we were treated, I will not be back. I can find a place with just as nice of a view, with less inconsiderate rangers.

Five Stars for the Location, Loose a star for the service

Once you have checked in you can relax… until you have to check out… This place is such a beautiful place to camp! I went tent camping here, and it was nice and clean, and well maintained, I was in a tent, so i cant really remember if there was full hookups or anything.. However the staff over complicated check in, and i felt extremely stressed when i was checking in, and out. If they hire more friendly camp hosts, then i would be glad to come back, however until then, The scenery will bring me back! This place was lovely for the family to get along, and have a nice laid back camping experience, too bad the staff could quickly ruin your relaxation with their horrible attitudes

Beautiful area, trashed site

When I visited Shoal creek camp ground, I was greatly disappointed. There was trash every where, the bathrooms were disgusting. For the price, it seemed like no maintenance was occurring, I had to bring my own toilet paper to the bathrooms for two or three days, because no one came to check on the trash cans or the bathrooms. The showers were straight out of a horror film, I had opted to not shower for 4 days, instead of taking a shower in those filthy things. My camp site was decent, however i did here my neighbor complaining about the amount of erosion that had occurred in the RV area.

More resort, than camp

If you are looking for traditional camping in the woods, than keep looking, however if you are looking for a resort getaway type of camping, than this place is for you! The pools were what you could imagine in a Disney resort or something! it was huge! I also all of the staff were very kind and caring individuals, I honestly felt like i was staying in a resort hotel ( until i crawled into my tent) This place was wonderful! and it was super close to the Hersey factory, which was a must see site for the kids! (We bought our tickets to the Hersey park through the camp ground, and it saved us some money) Each site had a fire pit, which allowed us to have a fun night making smores! I will likely be back!

Beautiful and full of history!!

This place was absolutely perfect place to take my family! There are lovely beaches that were relatively clean, perfect for swimming and fishing. The camp sites were so wide open! Down side to the openness however was that you don't have as much privacy, however it opens up opportunities to make friends from all over the nation! The strong historical back ground and the way that they have maintained many historical building and sites makes it such a great place to reminisce on your American history, and enjoy the views the way that the early settlers probably saw it.

Great if you want a boring camping trip

If you love seeing forest rangers, no alcoholic beverages, and being in bed by 9pm, then this place is for you! I went here a few months ago, and after seeing other reviews, i had read that this was a quiet relaxing camping site, however once i got there, i realized that the camp ground is so quiet, because you have a few fun sucking park rangers out there telling you to quiet down, and enforcing the quiet time at 9pm (usually most other camp grounds have quiet time at 10) I was also yelled at for having a beer ( note that my group was not even loud, or drunk (all of these rules would have made sense if we were in a loud and drunken state, but we were just relaxing and having a beer with dinner) ) beyond that, the lay out of the camp ground was weird, and finding one of the outhouses was pretty much like playing hide and seek, they were difficult to locate. The water spigots were tricky as well, because it seemed like half of them didn't even work. The Ohiopyle area is so beautiful, I will surely be back for the scenery, however, i will make sure that I am not staying in this camp ground again.


I absolutely love this place! i make sure to visit Ohiopyle state park every time I'm in or near PA! This place has so many miles of wonderful hiking trails through the lush green hillsides. There are so many little hidden water falls to gawk at, as well as a natural water slide located in the river ( can be a little violent during the spring when the water is high). The village near the state park is wonderful as well filled with nice friendly people, and multiple little shops and tasty cafes. This place is also awesome for rafting and kayaking, we have used multiple tour raft guide companies, and they were all very helpful, and patient with all of the first time rafters, and definitely put safety first! One of my favorite places in the entire state of PA!!

awesome for RVS

this place is very well kept for RVs! there are also many of people who come here to ride horses, so it was fun for the kids to see so many horses! the hiking trails were amazing, and the fishing was exceptional as well! This place was such an enjoyable get away!

First to Review
Lake Sacajawea!!!

This place is so much fun with plenty of history wrapped up in it! It was fun to splash around and fish in the water, but the scenery is unbeatable!


Any where near the water is a great place to camp! This place is awesome for boating, kayaking and canoeing, and the fishing is always great! I love going here

Fun but crowded

im not sure if its always crowded because i go there on weekends, or if it is always crowded, however this place is a fun place to go boating and fishing, usually when i go the waters are rather crowded, but still a fun place to camp fish and boat


this place is so fun to play on the nice clean beaches, as well as the campsites, they always seem very well kept

Great for groups!

this place is my go to place when ever you want to go camping with a group of individuals, I always attempt to reserve this gorgeous spot for any of our events whether is a work or family get together, or even a bachelors party! its so beautiful and fun!


many of these campsites are hike in only, and there is usually a pit toilet in the parking lot. this place is awesome because you feel like your camping in the back country, however you are just in forest service land. many of these spots are free for 14 days, which is such a great deal and an example of why we need public lands


this place is actually private land, however a very kind individual who owns this land allows people to use this land to have fun and snow mobile on. There is a warming hut that is open to the public along with two pit toilets, the warming hut has some basic furniture and a stove to keep you warm. In the winter there is always great people coming in and out of the hut. This place is very well maintained and the people as well as multiple clubs care for the grounds so it is always in a great condition

Close to Poky!

One of the best things about this national forest is its close proximity to Pocatello, so if you are from around the area it is a great place to day trip or camp for a weekend, Many of the spots are forest service spots, and are free for up to 14 days, PLEASE PACK IN PACK OUT!!! sadly there is so much trash scattered throughout the forest its sad that people take advantage of our private lands

Canyons, mountains, and forests, oh my!

The only problem that i had with this place was that i didn't book a long enough stay, This place was absolutely beautiful, and a couple of days here is simply not enough. There are many camping areas to enjoy, as well as canyons, and mountains to hike and explore. this place was awesome and i cant wait until i have time to go back!

Beautiful rocky mountains

This place is such a beautiful and pristine wilderness with many lakes, There is pretty good fishing, some areas are fly fishing only, so be sure to check signs or check with the rangers, This place is just so gorgeous it is one of my favorite places in colorado to visit


this place was such an awesome and affordable place to stay when we were planning on going to disney world! The staff was super nice, and the place was kept very clean, i would stay there again

alright for RVs

this place is alright for RVs, but not for tents, There is also not any privacy, and the bathrooms were kind of poorly kept.