Jessica W.

Meriden , CT

Joined August 2018

Cheapest way to stay at the cape

I would love this place and give 5 stars, IF they didn’t have gypsy moth caterpillar infestation in the spring. I do intend to visit at the end of summer one year.

Everything else about this place is top notch.

Lots of things to do

There is a nice beach for children. The water was warm and clean. You can kayak or canoe. The dogs cannot go on the beach, but they can go in the boats. I stayed at a hike in camp site. It is a difficult hike in and I only recommend for backpackers. It is very noisy, the road has heavy traffic. I was disappointed that I picked a hike in site and it sounded like I was camped on the side of a highway.

The staff was young and not friendly. They weren’t really rude per say, but they had no personal interaction skills. They all looked like they hated being there. Typical millenial attitude.

The new bathrooms are great! Lots of things to do in the area as well. Great food nearby.