Jessica R.

Mount Vernon, WA

Joined August 2018

A lucky find

My family and I stayed here once on a road trip to California. We like to play each day by ear which can sometimes become challenging when it’s time to find a place to stay for the night, relying on last minute availability. The night we stayed here was the most difficult we ever had finding a campsite, but we got lucky with a well-timed, last minute cancellation just as we were checking to see if they had any openings. The car just before us had checked for openings and had just been turned away. When we pulled up the ranger took a call canceling one of their best tent sites for the night. So lucky!

The campground is incredibly beautiful, wooded, cool and fresh. The campground sits in a deep narrow valley of trees with a stream running through just across highway 1 from a beach. The bathrooms are good and clean. There’s an amphitheater where we were able to see a ranger/scientist presentation on sea birds of California. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

We had dinner in nearby Mendocino - which is a cute, small town on the coast which attracts many tourists. The town has a rich history and some mystique with the local freemasonry statue “Time and the Maiden” statue which looks down over the town.

The next morning the Ranger suggested we check out a nearby Pygmy Tree Forest as a point of interest it was pretty cool and definitely worth checking out.

I would stay here again in a heartbeat. It’s like an oasis of cool and fresh in the hot August of California. The coast is breathtaking and the local sights are not to be missed.

Just off the Avenue of Giants

We stayed here once while driving through the red wood forest along the Avenue of Giants. It is very close to the drive-thru tree in Meyers Flat. That one have a park and play houses made out of redwood trees that my daughters love.

Myers Flat is a weird little town. This was a good place to stop, however I’d probably look into the State Park nearby if we stay near Myers Flat again. The tent site was $40 because the was three of us. It’s $35 per night for a tent site up to two people and $5 per night for each additional person.

The tent sites are right along the Eel River. It’s very pretty. There was a dish washing station, bathrooms with showers, a little store and playground. The campground is gated and locks up at night. The staff was friendly.

Oregon’s State Parks are really nice

I’ve stayed here for one night a couple of times when on a road trip down to California. The bathrooms are really nice. The campsites are sizable and allow for some privacy. The staff and campsite host are friendly and helpful.

Tent camping: Very dark with uneven ground

We stayed here one night last year. We’d hoped to stay at Patrick’s Point State Park, but it was full. The woman who set us up with a tent site here was super friendly and helpful. She offered advice for where to eat in the area and points of interest.

My daughters and I checked out the Bay Area and hiked the Trinidad Head. It was a beautiful afternoon. We had dinner at the Trinidad Bay Eatery and Gallery which was nice with a friendly server and good American fare.

After we returned we looked at the little arcade area in the cabins area. It reminded me in a nostalgic way of the arcade area in the 80’s movie Starfighter. Very fun.

Although it wasn’t quite dark yet when we headed back to our site, it was VERY dark in the back area with the tent sites fue to heavy tree cover. Finding our spot was difficult in the dark. The path is winding and doesn’t exactly match the campground map and the ground was very uneven. I was glad we have four wheel drive.

The campsite was also very uneven and had a steep drop off to a creek bed on the side. Luckily we’d planned to car camp and only had to fold down the sleeping area in our vehicle. I can’t imagine trying to set up a tent on that site in the pitch blackness. I’m not sure that the site had any amenities like a picnic table or water or a fire ring. I couldn’t see anything!

Overall I’d stay here again, but I’d get there way before dark and set up camp first before adventuring in the area. I love the Trinidad/Eureka area. There’s lots to do and see. I gave the three stars because the tent site area ground is so uneven and so unlit.

Glorified parking lot with transients and rude neighbors

I stayed at this campsite twice two years ago. The first time was in the spring (April) with my daughters and the second time was in August that year. This is not a campsite per se, but rather a parking lot in which you chose a parking spot directly next to someone else and if you have a tent pitch it directly behind your car in the scraggly grass and sand sticker plants. There is zero privacy or distance between campers.

The fee is $20 per night. The bathrooms are disgusting. The best thing about them was a family of nesting birds above the door to the ladies restroom. We were able to watch the babies for a while which was fun, but there is also the chance that you’ll be pooped on while entering or leaving the bathroom.

The first time was just okay. We camped inside the back of my Toyota Highlander amongst mostly RVs, most of which left their loud generators and bright outside lights on long after quiet hours. I finally had to knock on our neighbors R.V. door to ask them to turn out the outside light which was shining directly into our car.

This wasn’t terrible and was completely outshone by a half day spent on the beach in the dune area. Locals surfed as families. The community seemed so tight knit and inviting. We left deciding that we’d definitely come back to spend a day on the beach later in the summer. Also, the local Samoa Cookhouse is nearby with family style breakfast, lunch and dinner served. It is a historic site and museum that used to serve the loggers in the area the food and service is awesome and has become a much looked forward to stop on our road trips to California.

When we came back we came with my husband, choosing to camp at the boat launch area again because of its proximity to the beach. The late summer campers were a very different crowd. Mostly they seemed transient. There was garbage everywhere. Beer bottles, wild pets - even an actual pig, run down RVs that were clearly full time housing for large, loud families filled the parking lot. There was loud partying far into the night.

I had my daughters car camp and locked them in while my husband and I slept in a tent behind the car. We kept being woken by a loud noise that I couldn’t identify. I thought it sounded like a bear, then maybe a plastic barrel being pulled across the concrete. Eventually - after very little sleep - we discovered it was our neighbor who had some sort of terrible sleep disorder. It was bizarre. After he woke in the morning he proceeded to urinate in from of my daughters onto the water spigot rather than in the restroom which was 50 feet away. My husband was horrified and asked what would ever possess me to bring him there. Lets just say that the beach was not reason enough.

I would not stay here again. I did not feel safe or that this was a sanitary. The price seems to attract people who are not camping so much as homeless. The bathrooms don’t get serviced often and even if they did I’m sure they’d be trashed in a matter of hours.

Fun for the kids

This R.V. Park is rustic, but has a lot of amenities and is very close to Santa Cruz. We visit family and friends in the area often, but this was the first time we camped in the area. It is $50 base price per night, which I think is very exorbitant for a tent site. There is an additional $3 charge per night for any more than two campers per tent or R.V. site. Because there was me and my two daughters it was $53 per night. I gave it 4 stars because the price is so high.

There are just four tent sites here. We were in T2 which was just over a small footbridge over a creek from our parking spot. The spot was small, but had a picnic table, fire pit, and elevated wooden deck. I’m not sure if the deck is for setting up your ten on or lounging on, but we opted to set up our tent on the ground.

We spent most of our time with relatives, so we didn’t have a lot of time to use the amenities, but there were lots of kids around using the playground, bicycling, playing basketball, and swimming in the pool. There was also a large clubhouse with foosball, ping pong and arcade games which is open from 9am - 9pm. My daughters used the clubhouse while I set up camp and after waking up while I stayed in bed for a little while.

There was no AT&T sevice for me, but free WiFi was available so it was fine. The check in process was slow, but okay. Our campsite neighbors seemed very squeamish about camping and left out food that a raccoon family got into in the early morning waking them and us up. I think they were just inexperienced campers.

Overall I’d stay here again, but I might hesitate at the price. I think this would be a nice place for a family to hang out at. There are lots of things for the kids to do and lots of friends to play with.

Walking distance to Disneyland

I tent camped here for one night before meeting friends at their timeshare for a Disneyland vacation. There are only two tent sites (T1 and T3), the rest are for RVs. The price was super affordable at only $40 per night. They have a nice, small pool area, bbq areas, a club house, clean bathrooms and showers and WiFi. The R.V. Park is within walking to the Disneyland park.

The tent sites are very small with a picnic table and AstroTurf. There was only just enough space for my REI Hobitat 6 and VERY close to the neighboring tent site and bathrooms. We didn’t have any neighbors though. Although the site is small and not private, it was still a great little spot.

While setting up camp we watched wild parrots fly overhead. After setting up camp we had REALLY nice showers, then we spent time in the pool. After that I cooked dinner at our site while my daughters watched television in the adjacent club house. Afterwards they went swimming again.

Although we went to bed early, we weren’t kept awake by people going to the restrooms. We were woken up by the Disneyland fireworks, however. That was okay though. We watched the show and went back to bed.

My girls LOVED staying here. I’d stay here again in a heartbeat with my kids for a Disneyland vacation.

With large spiders and night patrols

I stayed at this campground with my daughters while on a road trip to So. Cal. It is on a first come, first served basis and is only $20 per night. The staff was friendly and offered suggestions for a good spot when asked. The reservoir was beautiful, but the ranger warned us against swimming due to algae and recommended a different swimming spot on the reservoir.

We set up camp just fine, setting up our tent under a beautiful fig tree. My daughter watched a white egret in the reservoir. It was very windy which would make cooking difficult so we decided to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant that seemed like a kitschy tourist spot called Pea Soup Andersen’s. It was a fun place that I’d take the family to again. The staff there was very friendly and the food was good.

When we got back to the campsite it was dusk. We got ready for bed. By this time it had gotten dark. We watch a frog hopping along and then I felt something land on my foot. It was a GINORMOUS Spider. I kicked it off and then looking around. In the light of the headlamp I saw MANY LARGE spiders. They'd come out to hunt, apparently. This is no exaggeration, they were so large that their eyes gleamed when they caught the light of the headlamp. Many, many eyes were staring back. We immediately headed into the tent, made sure that the zippers were high and tight and went to sleep.

Except I couldn’t sleep well. The gates to the park close at 10pm, but I was consistently woken up by vehicles driving around. It took me a very long time to realize that they were probably patrolling the land. Between the spiders and the patrols it wasn’t a very good night’s rest.

We woke early to load up. The large spiders were gone, but there were tons of spider webs on the outside of the tent and small spiders in them. Those didn’t really bother me. It just seems like it’s a very spidery location.

I don’t know that I’d camp here again. While the location has a real beauty to it and nice wildlife, the large hunting spiders freak me out. No one was bitten though. The patrols I could deal with now that I know about them. But the spiders.

Close to downtown Ashland

I stopped at this campground with my daughters on a road trip to California. We were able to slip in without any reservations. There were almost no campers due to the smoke from the wildfires and the water slides and pool were closed for the same reason. They looked pretty cool, but I can’t vouch for that or tell you how much the fee is. The fee to tent camp is $20.

There are warnings about rattle snakes around which freaked out my daughters a little bit. We didn’t see any. It’s mainly a warning to be aware of your surroundings.

The lake is disgusting and slimy. There is a boat launch and were people fishing on the lake with boats. There are warnings for pregnant or nursing women not to eat fish from the lake. Before we went down to the water, a staff person at the campground was very kind when we asked about swimming. She said it was safe, but seemed to have some apprehension and added that it was murky. When we got down to the lake there was a dog and the dog’s owner and one other person in the water. The other person got out of the water rather quickly. My daughters and I got out of the car and stepped down into very slippery sludge. It was thick and stuck to the bottom of your foot or shoe like when you step in cow dung.

We continued to try to brave it wading into the water. It was extremely slippery. I looked for something firm to stand on and saw a strip of what looked like blacktop nearby. I went to stand on it only to find myself nearly knee deep in a clutch of - what my uncle later told me was bullfrog eggs.

At that point we got out and decided to try to find a different place to swim. We had to scrape our shoes to get the sludge off then we drove to the city pool which wasn’t very far away. Unfortunately it was closed too. Then I found out that there’s a swimming reservoir at the very top of Lithia Park. It took us a little while to find it, but it was PERFECT. The water was very cool and very clear with a nice pebbly bottom. I recommend finding this spot. it’s heaven. This is the address of the pinned location on my maps: 632–698 Granite St, Ashland, OR 97520

Sleeping at the campsite was pleasant. The birds were vibrant during the day and early morning. The night animal noises were also pleasant. The campground was quiet as there were few campers. The staff were kind and checked in on us.

The bathrooms were clean except that I think the showers were turned off. It’s 50 cents for a 4 minute shower, but the coin slots were blocked. Maybe because there were so few campers?

Overall the campground was good and probably very popular on a usual basis. I would avoid the lake altogether and find the swimming reservoir instead. I will probably stay here again if in Ashland in the future. The price is very reasonable, the staff is helpful and friendly, the bathrooms are clean, and the nearby swimming reservoir is heaven. I didn’t give it more stars because the lake is so disgusting.