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YouTube: OurgreatadventureVlogs We are a Couple who enjoy the outdoors, we hunt, fish and love to camp out anywhere. Here I would like to share my favorite campgrounds in California. Enjoy.

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Dispersed camping

Fees: Adventure pass required for all Los Angeles Crest parking, camps, hiking. $5 a day and $30 a year. Make sure to display it in visible view or you will get cited.

Amenities: picnic tables, toilets, parking and wonderful trails across of this site.

Awesome place for backpacking and camping along the trails. Usually we take our hammock and set it up anywhere. This is an awesome trail and lots of wildlife.

There is no shade near the picnic tables but if you go down the hill you can find a great spot and set up your tent. I have been here several times and I love it. The hikes are so breathtaking with incredible views of the mountains.

Close to Home

If your looking for a near campground near Los Angeles, la Canada, Pasadena then look no more. This place is one of the best campgrounds I’ve ever been that’s near to where I live. It is self-serve only $12 a night and there is many things to do here. Go on a adventurous hike, watch the wildlife, just be lazy and BBQ, and especially in the night OMG it looks so beautiful. The stars flickering in the night is the best thing that I love. But let’s not forget that beautiful sunrise and sunset and those beautiful redwood trees. This place is great for big groups there is plenty of space, it does get crowded in the weekend and holidays. Also it’s a bit noisy with neighbor campers partying it up but I mean every campground is like that.

Also this place is one way in and one way out. Don’t get confused many people do. Also I don’t recommend big RVs because the roads are very small. But if your a badass driver then go for it 😁

Next to the river

Great place to stay. Most sites have some shade. It is always great to reserve before because it does get crowded in the weekends, holidays and summer. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained.

Great for fishing

This is one of my go to campgrounds when you want to do it all. Camping, fishing, swimming. At the moment it is closed for camping, it’s been closed for 2 years but I just heard it will be opening again in November. Yay. Please make sure to pack all your trash that is the reason it’s been closed so many people leaving toilet paper everywhere. Dig a hole and do your business in that hole only lol. This is a dispersed campground so no toilets or water anywhere besides the creek. It’s so nice hearing the creek at night. There is trout in the middle creek and they are a descent size. Great catch to BBQ some fresh trout. If you walk across you will come across a beautiful waterfall. You can use a donut floaty and slide right down. So much fun times here. This are is a descent size in a first come first serve basis. Once open you will have a lot of people camping next to you. Also wear bug spray, many mosquitoes and flies here.

Easy walk in

Gates are closed but they will open soon, awesome place for bird watching, hanging up your hammock and enjoying nature. Wonderful views of the mountains and sunset. Also best place for a long hike. After your hike you can sit on the picnic table enjoy your lunch and watch the woodpeckers and birds fly pass you. This place does get crowded during the summer and during hunting season.

Crowded in the weekend

I mean what do you expect everyone wants to go out and enjoy the outdoors and awesome views. This place is nice better close to winter, not too hot but it does get cold at night. Other camps are available next to Chilao which is great as well Incase this is crowded. People also just come here to hike so they might not be camping. There is a fee so make sure to read the information on the board. It is self pay so you will need to get an envelope and pay with cash. At night it’s the best especially when the sun is going down.

Awesome views

Love this place. Makes you feel like your on top of the world. This place is about 1 hour from Glendale. It is easy to get here, does get crowded as well. But if this one is not available the other camp should be. This side is on a first come first serve basis and does require you to self pay at the entrance where you find information on the board. Make sure to read everything it has lots of good information. Bathrooms are available and also water is available but do know it is not portable so don’t drink it. There are many sites that loop around and all have incredible views. Best place for a relaxing night of camping under the stars and next to the fire.

Great group campground

Lots of space in each campsite, good for big events. This campsite is next to the rangers station, has running water which is a plus always. This place looks amazing when the sun is going down. This place does get crowded in the weekend but if it’s not available there is always the other camps on the other side. Make sure to reserve before you come to this campground, gate is closed unless you have the code. Also make sure to bring warm clothes since it’s a high elevation it does get cold at night.

Things to do here: -Hike

  • bird watching -be lazy -enjoy nature
  • BBQ time 🤪
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Awesome in the summer

PROS: lots of shade in every camp. Our camp was very shady and trees gave it more privacy from our neighbors. We camp near the river so we had a much exciting experience. Host was very welcoming and nice usually they stop by in the evening. You can reserve online that way when you arrive you have a spot saved. Every site has water, this place does have 2 yurt sites which is so incredible, maybe one time we will rent it out but it is a bit pricey. Other than that you have a awesome view of the river, also make sure to wear a vest currents are a bit overwhelming especially for kids. When we stayed there was a little boy who drowned. Please watch over your kids. This river is not something to mess around. If your tubing tie a rope to it.

CONS: gets crowded in the summer, people pass by your site and stare lol.

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Not far from stores

Been here once because other campgrounds were full. Before it used to be closed to the public but now it is opened. This camp offers fish cleaning station, it has a playground for kids, portable restrooms, picnic sites with a fire pit. It has many areas with trees which offers plenty of shade. It gets crowded in the summer. If you don’t like being around people I don’t recommend any of these camps or that are reservable because you will come across a lot of campers. Try heading up North to disperse campgrounds, they are more secluded away from people but close to wildlife lol. Be aware. Other than that 25 a night and holidays it is $27. Not bad for a night or two. It is close to lake Isabella and also close to town which has plenty of stores Vons, Taco Bell, liquor stores, Gas station and more.

walking distance to lake Isabella

PROS: walking distance to lake Isabella, awesome views. Beautiful sunrise and sunset. RVs, Trailers and tents are welcome, big spaces available. This camp has drinking water, toilets, dump station and a playground for kids. Great for family vacation.

CONs: not too much shade.

Close to Lake Isabella

I do a lot of camping, this one is a great campground if you want to go swimming, waterskiing, windsurfing, fishing, or just enjoy the beautiful scenic views of Lake Isabella. If this campground is full check out my other review on Boulder Gulch. These camps do get full on holidays and in the summer so always reserve in time. Also what I do like about this site is that they have flushed toilets lol the host is always nice and welcoming. Also your phone will have some service but just make sure to turn it off and enjoy being out in nature. That’s the whole point right 😁. But other than that awesome camp, very clean and only some camps offer shade not all.

CONS: when it does get full, obviously there will be so many people and it does get loud and noisy. People will be playing loud music.

Close to the river

Awesome place to go with family by reservation only unless there is available spots. Some areas do not have any shade but nothing that a canopy can do. It is close to the river so that is always a good thing. The campgrounds are all a good distance from each other enough space for family. The host is always so lovely. There is a limit of how many people can be in each campsite but always check with the host. Reservations can be made online or by phone. it does get crowded along the beach site by the river so sharing is highly recommended. 😁

Things you can do here: Hiking to the falls, fishing, kayaking, boating, rafting,

Great place to hike and bike

There is no way in besides hiking or biking, the entrance is closed to public access. We usually come here when we are scouting and hunting and this campground is very nice especially in the morning when the sun is barely coming out. If there are more people you won’t get no privacy there are 2 campsites with picnic tables but unfortunately no fires are allowed. There are no fire pits, no trash so please pack it out, no toilets, this is a backpacking campground. It is about 4 miles in total of 8 miles all together will hills and bad terrain. Biking makes it so much easier and it is a great workout. Would really recommend if your going in for a nice adventure.

Best place to go during COVID

This place is amazing, we went on a Thursday night and left on a Sunday afternoon. The area is secluded and away from kern campgrounds where you will see a lot of people. You will have some people checking out the area or driving in but for us they all left. We had this huge place for ourselves for 3 days which was amazing. It is a huge area enough for other campgrounds but during this pandemic you definitely want to be away from people. Anyways, I really enjoyed this camp because you have a running creek and a beautiful meadow which you will have some cows visiting every morning. This place has lots of trees great to hang a hammock like I did. What I like is that all you hear is the birds singing and the creek running, it is so relaxing. You will come across some wildlife, this is the path of a bear and a mountain lion so be careful. You will see many tracks of them and also deer. But they never bothered us and also what do you expect you are in the middle of no where.

There is a market in johnsondale about 10-15 minutes Incase you forgot something but it is very pricey.

Best place to get away from the city life

To get to this place there is a lot of rocks and uneven roads. It is preferred if you take a truck or 4x4 but I have seen Sedan cars make it more than halfway deep. I provided some photos of the roads as well. But other than that this place is secluded with many shady areas. There is different campgrounds to choose from. Starting Friday- Sunday it actually gets pretty busy you will come across people driving around or using their mountain bikes as well. This is a good place to hike around, hunt and scout. Also there are many dispersed campgrounds you can make along the roads Incase this one is packed. Be aware that animals will stop by during the night so always be prepared for anything. Don’t leave out anything that will attract the wildlife. This campground is in the middle of no where so wildlife will always be around. Stay safe.

Fee: Natural Forest Adventure pass the fee for a day pass is $5, and the fee for an annual pass $30.

It’s is always good to have it, better to be safe than sorry. All campgrounds require it.

No your average get away campground

First of all this campground is not a campground if you want to get away from people because there is a lot of people passing by looking at you. You can’t really be isolated or have privacy even though it is a campground. People come here to hike into the trails to the waterfall. Which I can say the waterfall is nice. But other than that I wouldn’t recommend coming here to camp. Maybe day use only but not overnight camping. I didn’t camp here but someone else had there tents up and it was overcrowded with people heading to the waterfall.

Secluded camp

We found this place after not being able to find our resent campground and I’m glad we found it. It is secluded from other campgrounds. If you keep going on the road to your right once you enter you will come across more campgrounds. There is lots of room there. There were other campers there so we decided to stay here.

You can hike down couple feet and you will come across the running creek. We had couple visitors stop by at night ( yes they were animals) 😁 we saw a bear and a possum so make sure you store your trash just above a tree. Don’t get scared because you are in their territory. Anyways I really enjoyed being in this camp. It does get cold here because of the elevation but once the sun comes out it’s nice and warm.

Awesome place to be

This place is a dispersed area, there are plenty of spots to choose from and all have a great view of the creek. Nights are awesome sleeping through the creek. There is small trout but not big enough to catch. But it is nice to see. Also if you hike across you will come across a small water slide/ waterfall. It is so beautiful also some monuments on a rock. This place is free on a first come first serve basis. It gets pretty crowded in the summer.

** At the moment it is closed because many people trash out this place. Read the sign that is posted in the beginning of entering this road. ** johnsondale has a market which is a store right before entering this road.

Great views and awesome hikes

This place is great. If you love hiking this place has awesome views and lots of wildlife. Be careful while hiking we came across a rattle snake. Specially during hot summers they are definitely out more. We also came across some bird eggs which was awesome to see.