Jessica J.

Palmer, AK

Joined September 2020

camping and dipnetting

Great for RV camping. Tent camping can be done, it’s all paved area so bring padding to sleep on. Very family environment, kids playing games and enjoying the outdoors. Very packed during dipnetting season.

Didn’t like highway noise and lots of traffic drives through

Great place to get out for a quick trip or trail trip for children. We had a few campsites next to each other between our groups which was great. The kids had a park they could play at, needs a lot of attention though. Seems after hour parties come here and don’t clean up. Big yard area in park to throw football or small soccer game. There’s a volleyball net set up. Also grills and covered pavilions for day use. At the camp site there is areas for fire and most have picnic tables. Very close spots with paved road in. Bathrooms available in day use area, locked at night according to the sign but we used them later than said times. Short walk to the river, we had a blast with kids and dogs at the water.

Beautiful scenery

Stayed here for a few days and the scenery was captivating. I could sit and stare for hours, I must’ve take hundreds of pictures of the same things lol. Great get away with basic amenities, peaceful atmosphere. Site had hooks ups and a picnic table to use.

Great people and place

The campsites are decently sized. The people working, visiting and in the area were all great. Very respectful of each other, helping newer fishers with techniques and how to tips. we had many great encounters with people on this adventure. Caught lots of reds and exchanged some great receipts with others. We took the car and gear without any problems. The shop had firewood for sale along with basic necessities.

Amazingly beautiful

Was amazed with the beauty and trails in this area. The campsite for tents have to be hiked in to get to. The RV sites can accommodate tent camping, with smaller tents. So many options to do, you easily forget you don’t have cell service. There are trails, lakes, site seeing and enjoying the peace. We saw black bears,  mamma and cubs. Very curious cubs got very close, momma didn’t seem to mind or get aggressive. Still be prepared for an encounter for your safety. There were lots of smaller critters we saw/heard and signs of moose. We have plans to visit other lakes, trails and camp sites along this route.