Jessica C.

Los Angelesi, CA

Joined August 2017

I love the outdoors! I love to hike, camp, and off-road. I've seen some wonderful things and it inspires me and drives me to keep seeking!

1st Time Campers Workshop

April 2, 2018

I hosted a Girls Who Hike LA 2nd annual 1st time campers workshop where I taught girls

To camp for the first time. This place was a great choice. The scenery was beautiful and the space was great for all 15 of us. I was also able to reserve this space which was ideal for me. The campground only allows 6 vehicles and you do not need a permit to park there unless your not park of the 6 vehicle rule. The 6 vehicles are covered under the cost of the campground. The water source was not working when we went and the bathrooms are located on the other campground next to ours so it wasn’t fun if we had to go to the bathroom at night. This site does not have any bear canisters yet the trash cans are bear proof on the campsite. There was only one real place to hang 1 hammock and you have to make sure you call the office to get the combination code so you can open the gate. I had to call the day we went and I was able to get the code from the visitors center people. We got very lucky and we all participated in the Chilao Visitor Center Star Gazing event 1 mile from our campground. It is walking distance away. I have to warn you the weather changes dramatically from day to night. I checked many different weather websites for weather and they all lied to me. The best was to get the weather was to call the Chilao Visitors Center. Meadow Group Campground IS within the Chilao Campground. You get absolutely no service while you are camping. The visitor Center has a phone if you need to call someone or if you go up the highway 2-3 more miles there is a restaurant called Newcombers where they have WiFi and some really great food! Pets are allowed at this campsite but require a permit. DO NOT BRING YOUR OWN FIREWOOD! They encourage you to collect wood around your campsite. I would recommend bringing a hatchet or axe to help break down some of the larger wood peices. It was freezing at night it got below 30 degrees prepare for cold weather at night just in case! We had no issues with animals! All around this is a great campsite!

14 All Girls First Time Campers Workshop

I took a group of 14 first time campers here on July 15th and we had a blast! It is very hot during this time so we ended up going down to the Lake to cool off. The campground was very well priced and it had bolted toilets and a water spout. No showers or sinks. One thing I wasn't prepared to deal with we're the Taracnchulas at night. They didn't bother anybody but they did freak a bunch of first time campers out. We did hear a drunk group of guys reving their cars in the middle of the night and gun shots. Other than that it was a great site!