Urbandale, IA

Joined September 2020


Met in the middle to go camping with a friend from Indiana. The views were just stunning. Absolutely breathtaking. We had site 51, and could see and hear the river from our campsite. Sunset on the river, the amphitheater, the park, the sites themselves, all solid 5 stars from us! The only downfall, the bathrooms were clean…ish. They were usable, but definitely could have used a more rigorous and more often clean, especially with covid precautions in place and posted throughout the campground. 100% would stay here again!


I'm pretty particular about researching and reviewing campgrounds before I book, especially with the kids in tow. This campground 100% lived up to review expectations. Took the PUP, two kids, dog and grandma (first time in 20+ years) this past weekend. Booked an outer ring site surrounded by trees (and some pretty bold raccoons around bonfire time ;) ). Upon arrival the host swiftly checked our reservation and sent us on our way after a few questions on where to obtain firewood. Sites were great, facilities were immaculate, playground and pond were awesome for keeping kids entertained. Just a short hike down Corydon to the lake, and a short drive to Jester Park for the natural playscape. Would def stay again!


I've hiked in Pammel before, and LOVE the area. We drive by the campground on our way down to the family farm on the regular, but staying in the grounds overnight was a whole different experience! We stayed with friends on sites 8 and 9 this past weekend. The concrete pads were awesome for leveling our popups, the sites were VERY clean, the bathrooms were immaculate and the firewood was a gem at $10 for a wagon full! Great hosts, great neighbors. Would absolutely stay again!

Just Made It!

Took my new to me PUP on her maiden voyage to Jester Park in July with my two kids, best friend and her daughter. We BARELY made it, pulling in on a Thursday around 4, and snagged one of 2 spots left! We were lucky enough to get a corner lot with some good shade trees. Staff was friendly, bathrooms were SUPER clean and campground was very quiet! The downfall is that raccoons in the park have 0 fear of humans, and I had an unknown hole in the wheel well cover… OF COURSE right into the cabinet where I kept the dog food. After a grand total of 3 hours sleep trying to figure out what on earth these critters were SO FASCINATED with at our site, we patched the hole with duct tape, the cabinet with duct tape and used a broom for security at 4am. (Yep, they got right in to my camper but no harm came to the sleeping kids, the snoring dog, the gang of 4 raccoons or the two adults unless you consider a severe lack of sleep to be harmful!) There's a lot to do at Jester Park including a natural playscape and plenty of beaches nearby. Would 100% stay again with a reservation and a solid raccoon proof plan!

Middle of town Getaway

The original plan was to be in Blue Springs for an outdoor off-road RC event, camping in our pup with a generator at the track. Cue pouring down rain for a week and the event is postponed, with notification out midday on Thursday. I had been eyeing this campground as a possibility for the area, and I'm so glad we decided to pull the trigger and camp anyway! We had a great pick of sites online, were able to book Thursday night and head out Friday early afternoon from central Iowa. It poured down rain for the whole trip, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at our site. The staff was super friendly, as well as other campers nearby. We chose a spot near (but not too near) the restroom on an outside loop (site 50). Pros: Facilities are kept very clean, staff is friendly, gated grounds, sites have great drainage, other campers were very quiet, Fleming Park has a lot to do and see, including a native hoofed animal enclosure.
Cons: You may only use campground firewood (BUT, we got 3 buckets of really great wood that lasted Friday and Saturday night), the previous tenants of our site left a bunch of trash behind (nothing against the campground, but irritates me in general), the highway can definitely be heard, but wasn't overly distracting, the floor drainage in the shower house (men and women) was variable dependent on which stall you chose. Most certainly would stay again!