Okay Experience, Albeit a Little Bumpy

$7. Ground is uneven. Bathroom far from most sites. A little claustrophobic, but has good view of mountains. Bring your own toilet paper. Close to the road. There’s not much to boast about here, but you’re paying $7 to camp 20 minutes outside the North Entrance of Yellowstone, so you get what you pay for, eh?

Great Camp Outside Yellowstone

$30. A hair confusing to find, but worth it every bit! Right by the river. Good showers and toilets, with a nice scenic view of the mountains. Barely a 20 minute drive from the North Entrance of Yellowstone. Plenty of room. There’s a grill and hot springs pool nearby.

Gorgeous Site Near Rushmore

$21. Green, wildlife nearby, nice and spread-out. Owner is friendly and checks on you, and there’s a beautiful hike right next to you by a little lake. It’s a 26 minute drive from Rushmore. Showers and toilets are great.

The Best Affordable North Rim Camping

$22. Dennis is super-friendly and helpful, and it’s a comfortable, well-attended site super close to the North Rim without the big expenses. The sites come with picnic tables, fire pits, have clean bathrooms nearby, and dumpsters for disposal. If you’re planning on a long stay at the North Rim, try to get here for a couple of nights.

Friendly, Nice, Clean, Easy

$25 for a tent, I think $30-40 for an RV depending on what you need. Clean, flushing toilets, decent shower, right by the beautiful mountains and train tracks. Great place to stay on a road trip. Owner super nice. Try to reserve in advance, but you can come late and settle in the morning just fine.

Neat Spot, Weird Owner

$10. The spot is perfect for a quick night’s rest on your road trip, and the site is clean enough with acceptable porta potties and fire pits. Only downside is an overly-friendly owner who doesn’t pick up well on the cues that you’d like to be left alone now. If you can turn your brain off as she chats away, it’s worth the 10 bucks and the 15 minutes of her talking your ear off.

A Breezy, Isolated Campsite

$8. The staff isn’t always there, so you could end up with a free place to stay (especially if you come late.) Lots of trails nearby, and plenty of beautiful green trees. Outhouse on site. One of the more quiet sites that doesn’t get a lot of action.

Don’t Want a Pricey Chicago Hotel? Come Here!

$20. Yes, it’s an hour from the city, but I’d take the drive over the bill at a nearby hotel. There’s an outhouse and plenty of places to plug in the RV, and cars/tents are welcome too. If you’ve had an expensive, fun day in the city and can stay awake for the drive back out here, it’s a perfect place to crash.

First to Review
Nice Place For a Night

$10 paid at the Grotto Gift Shop across the street. Site has several fire pits, bathrooms, and showers. Doesn’t feel quite like the middle of nowhere and located right next to nice trees and train tracks. Recommended for a nice, easy spot to sleep.

Need Help With Covid 19

Of course, Covid 19 has forced many places to make adjustments, and this is a trying time for all. That being said, this camp is inconsistent with its information online, on this app, and in person. Many amenities and even basic entry had conflicting information, and we were turned away after driving so far to get there. The maps they gave us were also unclear and poorly labeled. The park is beautiful and a must-see, but I’d feel better avoiding this site entirely.

A Nice, Warm Night

Right by the water, and gorgeous at sunrise. There are good water, shower, and toilet amenities you’d expect from a decent campsite. Do not get a room; bring a tent or RV (way cheaper, we paid $18 for our car.) If you arrive late, they can hold your credit card when you book over the phone, and you can pay in the morning. Friendly staff, and incredible lake.

A Great Quick Spot

A nice spot just off the highway, flat and easily accessible. IT’S FREE, and is exactly what you’d want from a quick rest on your way to the Carlsbad Caverns or elsewhere. There are a few fire pits and nice trails. We were fortunate enough to witness a thunderstorm at night. Just park and pitch your tent.