Quintessential Ocean Front Campground

After visiting several Oregon Coast state parks and campgrounds, I must say that this campground is in its own class in terms of scenic beauty and accessibility to the beach, which is linked by several hiking trails, including the famous Cape Lookout trail that takes one to the tip of the peninsula for great whale watching, a seasonal waterfall, and fun small coves unveiled during lower tide.  

We did not stay within the campsite, however walking through it we were impressed by the relative peace and quiet even during the summer, the number of campgrounds more secluded in the interior areas and those that neighbored majestic old-growth fir trees.  We would definitely want to return and stay in one of the few highly coveted cabins that are on the north end of the state park.  From the exterior, they appear to have ample front porches for barbeques with family and friends, and each cabin is strategically spaced to allow for maximum views.

Whenever we have tried booking a campsite it has been a challenge due to its popularity, so doing so well in advance is advised!