Wouldn't Come Back

Wet wood. Really wet. Most sites were kind of crap. Either wide open with mushy pull- ins or un-even. There were a few that were great. #3 #1 and #6 were our favs. Was not communicated that you would need exact change for wood since the facilities were closed and there is no camp host. You have to drive 20 mins to any gas station or grocery in order to do that so letting campers know would be great.

The trails were super easy, wide and flat. PERFECT for young families or those looking for a stroll rather than a hike. The lake was beautiful. We make a point of just checking trail lengths and camp sites before we come out (pictures can be deceiving on the latter lol) so we had no idea we were going to be staying at a park named after a confederate general. Felt gross about that. None of the buildings at the plantation were open while we were there so I don't know if the education was as super glossy as the outside plaques….. his grave even had a confederate flag placed on it. Like, really???? If you walk out to the graveyard there is only one small paragragh that will make you smile and feel a little bit better about where you are. Brought our 12 year old so it opened up some really great conversations that we could lead but it would have been nice to have a bit of the uglier history actually mentioned in any of the plaques!

Wouldn't come back, but the area it self was really pretty and the trails were super easy. 4.5 miles felt like nothing to complete!

Okay but BUSY

We hadn't been camping since december of 19. Then came covid. We finally felt good enough to venture out and regain our hiking legs. We decided on falls because the trails are easy and it seemed like it would be a very chill place on the water. The boats start at 630 in the morning and go ALL night. People were partying until 330 am across the water at another loop, the camp host is located in that loop!!! I would say its a great spot if you like summer water sports. I'm guessing it gets much quieter in the fall/winter. The actual sites are spaced well with plenty of tree coverage. Our spot was on the outer rim with a path right down to the water to swim! Not the peaceful relaxing trip we had hoped for but it served its purpose of getting our unused gear out and making sure everything was in good order.


So, if you end up in a crap site you might drop those 4 stars to 3. Its going to be impossible to determine a great site from a bad without going there since the only pic they have online is from site 1. B loop, has a lot of RVs. A loop, has the amphitheater. C loop, felt like the smallest loop and really close to the entry hiking trail. We've stayed in both A and C. C loop, site 48, is where we stayed this trip. Its a good site. Close to the showers, which are clean and well maintained. Close to the trash bins and water spicket as well. Behind the site is a great little "valley" to explore if you have kids/dogs. Has awesome trees for hammocks and the tent pad doesnt slope. Did not love the fire pit at this site but the sites to the left and right are great. Overall, tons of sites and good clean facilities. The trails are plentiful so you shouldnt run out of places to explore.


Older campgrounds with a lot of things to do. Put put golf and a fun small arcade, although dated, were great for down times inbetween hikes. The pool was a little bit too dirty for me but the kid liked it enough to cool down in. Showers and bath house were relatively clean. A lot of campers, which makes it harder to keep up with during the day but its always mopped and ready the next morning! Camp shop had a little bit of just about everything you forgot to pack. Workers were ALL super friendly and helpful. We stayed in the shaded walk in sites. Very few of these were level. 125, 120 and 138 looked like better spots than 121(our site). If you want shade, these are the spots to be, all other primitive sites are really out in the open with little cover. Beware of parking down there if its raining or you expect rain. There were a lot of people, from cars to trucks, that got stuck down that little hill and had to be towed out! Unpack on the gravel drive and park up the hill would be my suggestion in cases of rain. The water spigots were well, of course, but you better let it run for a long bit! I've never seen such brown water at camp. This place needs some upgrades and a little attention here and there but it was a fun place that I would recommend if the state park is full up and you are lookin for a place near by!

Great Park

Every site is unique! 2 bath houses which were older but well kept. I wish they would have had one on each end. Placement was a bit weird. Don't worry if you forget a garbage bag, they have some available by the dumpster. There are a few sites with 2 tent pads and a couple sites that basically have their fire pits next to each other so if you are planning to camp with others those would be good sites. If not, you might want to call in. We camped at site 3 and LOVED it. Bit of a hike to the bathroom but not a big deal, i mean, you are probably headed here to hike anyways! You are going to love these unique sites.


The sites here are great and the hike in is not bad at all. Well spaced and maintained. The vistors center is always super clean and everyone from rangers to staff are really friendly. Great spot for day or over night.


Camp hosts were TOP notch! Super friendly. A camp host can make or break a camp and these guys showed up! The sites were not cramped and offered tons of shade. If you are lucky to score a view of the lake, like us, you also get a great view to open up your door in the am. Pads are a bit smaller than normal so we had to bring our backup tent to this one but it was level. When driving around we noticed a lotnof the out lieing sites pads flooded so if you know there will be rain make sure you call in and get yourself an interior or one up the hill. It rained for our trip but site 16 stayed mostly dry except for one small corner. The bathroom/showers are older but super clean and HOT showers!


Stone mountain park is amazing but the campgrounds are lacking. The park host was unhelpful and rude. The wood was overpriced and was more kindling than anything else. Very little spots with actual shade. Cramped feeling throughout. The showers/bathroom were disgustingly dirty and for the women's room there is only one large trash bin with zero in the stalls. You tell a pre-teen to walk her sanitary supplies out to the main bin and see the reaction you get! Simple things like that would improve most anyones experience. We deove the rv portion and the lack of shade and space was even worse! The pads are spacious and level but hard as a rock so staking is tricky. We crammed in 2 days worth of activities into one so that we could leave a night early. I think we might have been a little salty and maybe overly harsh in our review because of how we were treated by the host. We've only had one stay that ranked lower than stone though.


Tent camping can get cramped but you won't feel that way here! The set up here is great, pads are level and big, picnic tables aren't chained down so you can move them where you need them. The showers/bathrooms are brand new and CLEAN! You are going to feel spoiled because you are. Trails lead right off the camp grounds making it easy to get up and make the most out of every day you get to spend here. The only thing lacking is a camp host but rangers patrol at night and are happy to drop you some wood if you flag them down.