Jennifer R.

Washington, DC

Joined June 2018


We liked camping here and plan to eventually return. Our experience was rainy, but it was fun regardless. Nice park with hike to the waterfalls, swimming in the lake and playground. Bathroom facilities were fine and clean enough, but not the best of state park facilities I've seen.

Enjoyable & Shaded

We camped here for a somewhat rainy Memorial Day weekend. Despite the rain, we enjoyed ourselves and even did a hike. There are some great sites that are a little more isolated and give a feel of being alone in the woods that I would love to claim in the future. The bathroom was okay but ran out of toilet paper, so be sure to bring your own! I never use camp stores since they are over priced, so I didn't notice. The wood was helpful and ice wasn't too bad.


This is more primitive being a National Park, but that doesn't bother me much. In the summer, the mosquitos are especially bad bayside… stick with the seaside or State Park. If you require better bathroom facilities, go to the State Park. You will see the horses roam through the area and possibly block your access to the bathroom! It is nice to be closer to the bayside beach and boat access. You can play in the shallow, calmer water there!

Beach Camping Perfection

We've been camping here every summer ever since we discovered this. If you want rustic, camp at the National Park. If you want nice a nicer bathhouse, go with the State Park! When beach camping, I opt for nicer bathrooms… as dealing with washing sand off with kids is not fun in more primitive camping conditions! This isn't a camping resort with all the annoying amenities that jack up the price. Come here for a good beach experience in a very natural environment. As it is beach camping, it is advisable to be prepared with shelter from the sun as there aren't trees and shade. Also prepare for mosquitos… There are lots of RVs, but tent campers too. The bathhouses are nice: great family shower if you have little ones. There is also a nice sink you can use for washing dishes. You do have to watch your food and put it away if you aren't using it… the horses (and even seagulls) will get your food. I've had horses in my face at my car, in our trunk when left open while setting up. They are an interesting challenge and may be an annoyance to many, but for our family, they are a part of the charm of camping at Assateague!