Jennifer L.


Deerfield Beach, FL

Joined July 2019

Nice campground

I was here on 4th of July weekend and it was crowded, but cleared out after that. Most sites had lots of occupants and it was loud, but that’s probably related to the holiday weekend. Check-in isn’t until 6 (check out at 5), which is ridiculous. There’s no check in process, just show up and hope your site is available early. There’s a nice beach and boat launch on site. I had site 7 in the Cedar Ridge Campground, which was on the end of the row so it had a nice view of the lake. Cell service was good with Verizon. There is a major bug problem here, thousands of little gnats that swarmed the inside of my camper and car whenever I opened the door, even during the day. They don’t seem to bite, but still…

Quiet, huge sites

This is a great COE campground with spacious sites. I had site B09 which was far away from any other sites, had good shade, and had a view of the river. There are great trails on site for mountain biking or hiking. I saw deer, a snake, and what looked like a coyote on the trail. The other campers were friendly and quiet. Cell service was good with Verizon.

Nice for a short stay

This is a nice little campground for a few days stay. Conveniently located near downtown Memphis and Graceland. The road in through the industrial park area has a lot of potholes and train tracks, so go slowly. My site (30) was technically a pull-through but is really just parallel to the driving loop. There is a great hiking loop on-site, moderately challenging due to hills and a broken bridge. There weren’t many other campers there, despite it being a summer weekend. The camp host is friendly and drives by with firewood for sale. There’s no check in procedure, if you reserved a site just go to it and there will be a tag there with your name. If not, you can just pick a site with no tag and register in the morning, the ranger station closes at 4. Cell service wasn’t great with Verizon, but messaging worked okay.

I’m surprised that some people gave this campground bad reviews just because poor people live nearby. The campground itself is nice and secluded and I never felt unsafe. It’s not like there were people wandering in there from the town.

Beautiful campground, great sites

These sites at this campground are amazing, they are spacious, multi-level, and have views of the river. There is a trail that runs along the perimeter by the river (a bit precarious, probably better for those with some hiking experience). The grounds are clean and well-kept. The only downside (if it matters) is that because of its location, it’s really far from anything like gas, restaurants, etc. But I would definitely stay here again, it’s so peaceful and quiet. My site 18 was well shaded and the last in my loop, so I had fewer neighbors, although I was there during the week so it wasn’t that crowded anyway.

Fine for a couple of nights

This is a small campground with really friendly staff. The sites are decent sized with many pull-through sites. There is a nice path that you can walk from the campground to downtown. There is also a small dock which you can launch a kayak or canoe from if you are skilled at getting into boats. Most of the people staying looked like they had been there for a while. There were some sketchy people who drove through during the day smelling like alcohol and asking me if they could see the inside of my camper. Pool, restrooms, grounds could definitely use some updating. At night the campground was quiet but you can still hear road noise. I had site 63 which was nice because it was next to the pond, although it offered no shade. I had no cell service with Verizon and my site was too far for the WiFi to work. It was fine to explore the area for a couple of days, but I wouldn’t want to stay any longer.

Quiet, good location

This was a nice place to stay for a couple of nights. I had site E9, which had some shade and there weren’t many other campers nearby. The people working there are super nice and helpful. There’s a beautiful boardwalk to the river and then a path along the river. It’s a convenient location near the state park springs. Mostly quiet except for landscaping/produce trucks rolling in late at night. Restrooms and laundry could use some updating if you need to use them. Poor Verizon cell service but there are WiFi hotspots on premises. I’d stay again.

Small park but nice camping

This is a tiny state park. There is a nature trail with some nice benches for reading. Be aware that the trail floods and is essentially impassable during rainy season. There is a kayak/boat launch on site that will take you out to the lake. Be aware that there are lots of motor boats on the lake. My site was spacious but had no shade at all (site 34). Some sites are rather narrow, like the one next to me. Easy to access though because they are pull-through. Restrooms were clean but swarming with insects.

Nice campground

I had two locations during my stay, first in Site 83 in Loop 1 and then in Site 6 in Loop 2. Loop 1 is definitely quieter. I’d pick a site that backs to the woods rather than the middle of the loops. Be aware that some of these sites get flooded during the rainy season. It’s a great park to launch your kayak from, a spot near the trails and another in Loop 2. Yes, there are gators, this is Florida (see video). There are numerous scenic trails. The ones across the river are less travelled and quieter, the ones near the parking areas tend to be filled with noisy families. Clean, well maintained restrooms. A cart comes by with firewood and ice, not sure if that’s just because if COVID but it was convenient.

Private sites, perfect beach

It can be difficult to get reservations here, but it’s worth it. The sites are private due to the foliage between them. I had Site 43 which was long and spacious. Watch out for raccoons who will steal any food. Restrooms are clean. Bring your bike to get to the beach and fort, as parking there is limited. Great kayaking nearby. Next time I would get a site that I can launch from, as the sea wall was between me and the water. Be aware that Area 1 can be tricky to back into if you have a camper or van. My site was easy since I had room in front of the facilities to pull forward. Good cell service with Verizon.

Pleasant surprise

I was really impressed with how nice this campground was. Quiet, spacious sites, and really nice trail system. There were only a few people there on a weekday. Definitely climb the tower for a great view. Close to great kayaking on the Withlacoochee River. Restrooms could use updating if you’re not self-contained. The primitive tent area is really nice and far from the RV section. Be aware that the check in office area can be challenging to navigate for RVs and trailers, it’s better to go to your site first and then walk there. No alcohol permitted in the campground. perfect cell service with Verizon.

Great recreation

Like all the Florida state parks, the campground is well-maintained and clean. Lots of trails to explore, easy to launch my kayak from near my campsite. I was at Site 17, which was a bit tricky to back my 15 foot camper into. It also wasn’t level and was next to the trail path, so there was a lot of foot and bike traffic. I would go for one on the main loop next to the river if possible. Beware that the line for The dump station will impede your attempt to leave the park close to check out time (1:00). Good cell service with Verizon.

Great park given the location

This park is an oasis in the midst of Ft. Lauderdale. There’s hiking, kayaking, beach access, and even a nice little restaurant on premises. There’s some noise of course, but it’s still lovely. The kayaking trail in the lake is short but nice for a quick paddle. Lots of turtles and fish visible in the water. I wouldn’t travel far to visit, but come here often as it’s close to home. There’s camping overlooking the intercoastal waterway, but the sites are wide open with no privacy next to the access road. Get there early as parking fills up quickly during peak times.

Lovely campground

This is a beautiful campground, well maintained with a great pool and amenities. Conveniently located to downtown Savannah and other amenities. There are only two tent sites, and they are in docks. Tethering your tent is tricky since you can’t hammer it in, bit it wasn’t windy when I stayed so it was fine. Clean restrooms within walking distance from tents, showers are good but need to drive there. Quiet other than the occasional plane from nearby military facility.

Beautiful park

Great site for a day trip or a weekend. Lots of trails for hiking and mountain biking. Conveniently located but feels like miles away from civilization. Stretches from the ocean to outer areas. Shady Pines Camp area is best for tenters, with several tent only sites. The sites aren’t large but fairly private due to foliage. It’s only a short walk to the beach from there. The Lake to Ocean trail runs through here if you’re looking for a multi day hike with primitive camping, just avoid the wet season because water gets quite deep.

Great sites, great park, road noise

I had tent site 14 which was spacious and secluded due to shrubbery. Road noise is prominent as it’s next to a main road. It’s a trek to the main area with facilities and camp store so you’ll want to drive there. There are compost toilets in the tent area. The park itself is beautiful, with many trails and a variety of foliage. The tram tour is a must as the guides are knowledgeable and it’s an interesting description of the park, with almost guaranteed gator sighting. The camp store has all basic supplies (ice, firewood, cold drinks, etc). Great kayaking nearby at Arbuckle Creek.


This is a true gem in South Florida, a remote island paradise. Miles of beaches with very few people and great hiking/biking trails through the scrub. Pack lightly as you will need to load and unload all of your stuff on the ferry and then the tram and then carry it to the campsite. There is no electricity but cell service with AT&T was great (not that I wanted to use it much). The camp store sells souvenirs and necessities (snacks, cold drinks, firewood, ice, more insect repellant). Restrooms are clean and there is potable water available there, so no need to bring your own and waste plastic. I was glad I didn’t bring my kayak, as it would have been a lot to haul with me, and I rented one for $20 for a half day on the island. Although bikes are also available for rent, I would probably bring my own bike next time as it would be helpful to get around during the 4 days I was there and find more remote locations.

Insects are a serious issue, even in the fall and winter. Hope for a breeze to deter the no-see-ums. I used DEET spray and a thermacell and a permethrin-treated tent and still left with dozens of bites, and that was in November. Next time I would wear pants and long-sleeve shirts in the evenings. Fortunately I didn’t see any rats while I was there  

My campsite was #13 and it was one of the smaller ones but well-shaded and apart from the louder cabins. Some campsites have hammock posts and otherwise you are not allowed to hang hammocks on the trees, so plan accordingly.

Great for RVs, not great for tent campers

This is a great RV resort with many amenities. Staff are friendly and helpful. But if you’re a tent camper, be aware that the tent sites are located near the road (I will never understand why campsites do this, since we are the ones with no soundproofing). I had the misfortune of having site T37, which is squeezed in a small corner next to an RV site. The first few nights my neighbor was courteous and pitched his tent far from the border, but the next few nights the neighbor’s tent was inches from my picnic table. The road noise was terrible, the site is tiny, and it backs to a local fishing area so there are people just on the other side of the fence, three feet from your tent, from early morning till late evening hours. No privacy at all. That being said, if you’re looking for an RV site with lots to do, this is a great place. They easily accommodated my date changes, the pool is nice, the restrooms are clean, the showers are hot, and the camp store is well-stocked. The location is central to many recreational opportunities. Just not really tent friendly.

Perfect for tent camping

This is not one of those resort campgrounds. It has minimal amenities. However, if you are looking to tent camp at a great location, it’s perfect. The tent camping area is separate so no loud noises from RVs. The sites are spacious and separated by trees so you really feel connected to nature. I love hearing the wolves and being so close to great hiking trails. Highly recommended. It’s my favorite drive-in tent campground in NJ.