Quick camping trip 2019

My friend and I snagged a beautiful FCFS site here on out way out towards Tillamook and a coastal hike. We were quite please with the scenery. All sites were pack in, but we had backpacking gear so it worked out. Pit toilets and the ranger comes by daily.

A Place to Remember

I spent two days out here July of 2020 cycling the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Bikeway with a dear friend. She and I hadn’t seen each other in years and practically frolicked around this beautiful campground. We met two of our camp neighbors, Patrick and Doug, who were also just out on the road and escaping the daily stresses of the world. Our trip was memorable and our quick friendship connection was special, to say the least. The campsite was clean and even had some salamanders and hooting owls at night. Owls, or two punk rock girls dancing around the fire, who knows what you might see! - Jen and Emily ♥️

Perfect to Make Annual Reunion Trips

Hands down my favorite campground in Indiana. Large campground with lots of space between sites. Privacy allowed my friends and I to play cards late into the night without bothering anyone. I flew from LA to Indianapolis one year, just to be able to make our annual girls camping trip.

Be sure to visit Turkey Run, Clifty Pines and Sugar Creek Canoes for a jam packed weekend full of fun.

Always a Family Tradition

This is truly an Oregon gem. Swimming, non-motorized boating, fishing, hiking, trail cycling, you name it, this place has it.

Pack-in/Pack-out, with the option to hire the camp host and his four-wheeler to drop your gear off at your site. You’ll have to walk in.

The water has the most beautiful silver shale sparkles, and almost always feels warm.

Pack warm clothes for night and be sure to have good bug spray, even for when you’re unloading…

Perfect for Fathers Day

Ice Cream and beautiful lake for swimming and kayaking. We took the family here for Fathers Day and enjoyed the entire weekend. We kayaked, rode bikes and got ice cream on out way out. Huge campsite, with access to water.

Was a bit cold, so be sure to pack a nice jacket, and maybe a thin pair of gloves. Wind comes off the lake and the gloves helped when fishing. Lots of great spots to fish.

If you stay awhile there is also a restaurant by the boat dock. The dining area looked nice and the food smelled amazing. I hope to try it the next time we make a visit.

And thanks to the camphost who let us check out a half hour late because we read the paperwork wrong and thought we could check out at 2! Whoops, it’s really noon.

Camp Homeless

Camped here two times in 2018, once in the RV loops with my Husband and then again in the tent loop with a friend.

The RV Trip, my husbands truck had gasoline syphoned and the cap replace with one that did not work and cause his vehicle to throw and error code while he was driving home. We thought it was a bummer, but chalked it up to being right off the freeway.

Two weeks later I camped in the tent loops and saw that several sites were occupied by a community of people living there. Literally sweeping their dirt. There was a lot of traffic coming and going from these sites, including tents shifting from one side of the street to the other. It wasn’t just family fun time, there were people backing out there cars and heading to work the next morning. Speaking of morning, I woke at 5 am and sat and watch 3 different vehicles repeatedly make rounds through the loops. Two of which had busted out back windshield, making theft of generators and such that much more easy….it was so bad, I forfeited my second night.

Too much crime here. And coming from a person who camps 8-10 times a Summer, I am sure I will never return to Valley of the Rogue. Best of luck cleaning this place up…oh yeah, and maybe get the homeless people to clean up their dog feces, which was everywhere.

Family Trip to The Coast

Absolutely an emaculate campground. This trip was the first time my husband and I were able to get both our 15 year old and 5 year old boys to both stay in our less than a year old bunkhouse camper. With several access points down to the shoreline, we enjoyed a nice day hike down to fly a kite. People of all ages were hiking up and down all of the rocks. Beautiful butte viewpoint trail allowed us to watch the sunset, just the 4 of us!

Great memories made and the pics will definetly go on our camper walls for years to come!