Not bad

I have given this place a higher rating in the past but having returned multiple times I have to lower it. The positives are: the grounds are very well kept, most sites are a very nice size, owners are pleasant, very quiet and relaxing. If you have kids there is not a lot for them to do. As for the lack of stars…the owners are pleasant but are constantly policing everyone, I have been reprimanded (yes I mean reprimanded) because my dog was walking on the grass (on a leash), it seems they like it if you stay on your site at all times. all but one of the seasonal campers i encountered and was camping near are very rude, not all are well kept, one even mowed the grass at 730am on the site next owers paying no attention to my dog who was tied out or that he was shooting debris all over me and my stuff. The price is too high and the over all tone has gotten very odd. I MAY try again next year to see if it got better but could only tolerate once this year.


Excellent campground. The tone of the place is set when you drive in (although we drove past it). Everyone, staff and campers are friendly respectful even the kids! Grounds are clean, kids were constantly busy and happy. You can't beat the price. Seasonal sites are extremely well kept. Owners are relatively new (about 3 years) and have lots of new upgrades and improvements on deck but seriously they don't need much