Jeff F.


Charlotte , NC

Joined August 2020


Great semi-primitive campground, I say semi because there are showers and bathroom facilities for the campers. At the very end of the road into the park there are about 8 camping spots. 3 drive in and 5 walk in, but the walk in sites are about 100 yards from the parking lot. Prior to the end of the road is the Sandbar campgrounds, which is a very popular and busy spot so get there early! Definitely one of my favorite campgrounds I’ve ever been to, absolutely beautiful!!! Don’t forget about the Weathered Ground Brewery, about a 30 minute drive from the park on U.S. 19, great beer, amazing food, and beautiful scenery!

Greatest Place on Earth

Just the drive up the mountain is enough to take your breath away. My absolute favorite place to go camping and there are plenty of camping spots to go around! The campsites are so spread out that the only noises you’ll hear are the numerous creeks that flow off the mountain or a car driving up or down the gravel road. The fishing there is absolutely beautiful and the trout are pretty plentiful up there. I highly suggest this spot, just please pick up your trash after yourselves and for the love of god don’t go throwing beer cans and bottles down the hills from your campsites. I pulled 30 pounds of trash off the hillside of my campground the last time I was there. It’s sad indeed but the saddest part was the soda can I found that had been tore open by an animal. The can was lined with some poor animals blood. If an animal cuts its mouth on something like a dirty can and the cut gets infected, that animal will stop eating and slowly starve to death. Please please please pick up after yourselves!!!!!! No trash left behind!!! P.S….the adventure doesn’t start until you’re lost….