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This site was one of the most remote sites I have been to. Im not sure if this site is known to most campers.

Most campsites are first come, first serve. We did get to the park early, like around 7:00 a.m., but many campers from the night before were still there. Majority of the campers begin to leave around 9-10 a.m. Check-out time is at 11:00 a.m. The camp site we chose was near the bathroom but also a distance away from other campers, which was nice because you get a little more privacy but at the same time feel safe because others are still near by. Our campsite was spacious with a bench and fire pit. We did have couple trees around us, too. 

the bathrooms are clean and lit, and there is a separate sink outside for dishes which was really nice. So thankful for the rangers, they were so helpful and informative. Bryce National Park is such a beautiful place. It was nice to have North camground near some of the popular and easier hikes. Another reason to camp here, the stars! The stars were the brightest I've every seen them in my life!! Also, the brightest compared to other national park we've camped at on this trip.

Alien Landscape

This park is a must if you are In Utah. the temperature was quite nice when I visited. The beauty of the campground speaks for itself when you come. the site was right alongside the road so at night you will get a flash of light. that was the only con about the site.

I stayed at this site for 3 days and it is necessary that reservations are made. The site was actually full at first but they later called us back saying that a spot opened up. The weather was quite funny. It as sunny and then it rained. After the rain the park was super beautiful. At night it was quite chilly and extra firewood should be brought.

I was able to hike the primitive trail. This trail was quite difficult even though it was only 2.2 miles. It was a lot of steep climbing to see arches. It was definitely worth it with the snapshots I was able to get

Hot like a Campfire

This is one of the most popular campsites in Zion and getting this site was not easy. I would not recommend coming in the Summer as I did. The temperature was way too hot even at night. Coming in the Fall or Winter would be the wisest choice.

The site is located near the the visitor center which is actually a walking distance. The only down side was the privacy concern. the sites are actually group pretty close together and it can become a bothersome if your neighbor snores. The wildlife will come into the site and take food if food is just laying around.

I was able to hike the Watchman Trail that was near the site. There are other trails int eh park. The shuttle come every 15-30 min and drops you off at the famous Angels Landing Trailhead.


Campground Review

As soon as you get to the site you will notice the park is very crowded. the site was in my opinion very generous with their space and the site was really clean even though it was a popular spot. The spot was right next to the lake and was one of the most beautiful spots I have seen. We were missing a fire ring and ended up having to borrow the neighbors. In the summer the spot is definitely more people. Local told us that during and winter it was the best time because of the colorful leaves and the temperature. The temperature was no the worst coming in at about 85 when we were there with very high humidity. We were able to go on the Buck horn trail which wasn't that long and was filled with families hiking

Product Review

As a Ranger for The Dyrt, I was able to review MH2 Headlamp from Ledlenser. I was able to test the headlamp night hiking on the Santa Anita Canyon Loop Trail.

Right out of the box the first thing that caught my eye was the 7 year warranty on the light. The headlamp came with 4 settings, a high power, a low power for saving energy, and a red light. The red light was great for the middle of the night because it doesn't cause a big flash on your eyes after you get use to the dark. Th light also had a lockout button in case you accidentally pres the on and off button accidentally. This functions is great for hiking backpacking because sometimes other gear can move around and turn on the headlamp. I dropped the light many times on the trail and the IPX6 kept the dust out. The only down side of the headlamp was the weight. It came in at 102 grams on my scale. If you were a ultralight backpacker this wouldn't suit you because out on the trail every gram counts


I did not stay at the park but did visit to get snapshots of the sites. The sites were really crowded with families with big tents. It almost looked like they were moving in the park. The sites were really generous with space and had some sites that were able to fit more than 3 tents. The privacy was really amazing in my opinion with each site being separated with at least 30 seconds of walking. The view was amazing and half the sites were near the lake. The only downside was the bugs. If you stood still you would get bitten. When we went the temperature wasn't the best. It stood at 90 degrees with really damp humidity.

Red like Mars.

My original plans were to head to Yosemite during the month of August but couldn't get enough of Texas. This is not the first time I have been to this campground. The last time I was here it was winter and the campgrounds were full of snow. Now during the summer the temperature has sky rocketed and it is almost unbearable here. I would recommend coming here in the cooler months.

The site has bright red dirt and it fells like you are in the movie The Martian. The site are spaced pretty close together and only has tall grass to be the barrier between your neighbors. The best parts were the showers, after a long day of hiking and exploring. The site is really quiet at night and you occasionally see head lights in the middle of the night. There are some sites that do have WiFi.

Cactus Cmpground

I came here on my way back to California after visiting Sam Houston for 2 weeks. I was able to visit Cactus Campground. The site was a little bare in my opinion and felt like a deep back country camp spot. I came here on the weekday and was pretty busy. My original plans was to book a cabin at Cows Camp cabin a 10 minute drive up the road but was completely booked.

The shelter was not as big as I wanted to wait out the blazing sun in the 90 degree temperature. The site had water and the restroom is a portal potty. I would recommend going in the early morning or late at night because can cause a massive stench. The site didn't have much coverage but a few dried up trees. You can see right into the neighbors site. If you came here for the view of the stars I would NOT recommend this spot. The site park is near Amarillo and the city lights block out the stars

Real good

I stayed here for my second week after camping in Sam Houston forest for almost a week. The place was slightly better than camping in sam houston. We managed to get a site right next to the water. The site was a little bigger than camping in sam Houston. There was a lot of people swimming in the water but not close to our campsite. They were swimming further down. The locals said there were a lot of catfish but we were not able to catch any after trying for some time. The fee to enter the park was 5 dollars as we were leaving because we did not enter through the main entrance to the park.


I spent about 5 days in Sam Houston National Forest. The campsite was pretty good in my opinion. Yes, there is plenty of sites here as this is a big National forest. I came here with my boyfriend and friend and there was plenty of room. The only downside was that it was really difficult to find dry firewood. At night it was really chilly with a breeze blowing across. The neighboring site were very respectful in talking with a low voice especially because they had a big group. The sites were quite close with only bushes dividing up the camps with a 5 second walk. We were able to visit Huntsville state park on the east side of Sam Houston National forest the next week

Like a local Park

When I camped here it felt like I was at a local park. The sites here are walk in and it is not necessary to make a reservation. Came in on a weekday and a local told me that if you were to camp here on the weekend the sites would be full. There a two sections where you can camp: a north and south. The north had a majority of the campgrounds.

The weather was pretty unstable and drizzled in the middle of the night. The sites were pretty beautiful. There is a fire pit and table. The restrooms were surprisingly clean and well stocked but had no lights and was pitch dark

Chilly and Beautiful

After a few months of preparation and waiting we were final able to camp here in Rainier National park. It was really beautiful. Our site was pretty big for only the two of us. There are over 25 sites here but it was still filled with people. Id make reservations as soon as possible. The wonderland trail cuts through the campgrounds and we saw a few backpackers resupplying and staying the night here.

The Rangers here were quite friendly and helpful. They had programs for the kids to do and even went around to the sites and asked if they needed assistance. We were able to fit 2 two person tents and still had the space for a couple more. There are toilets and drinking water.

Nice and warm

Though it is located in the desert in the middle of December it was still pretty warm. There were a total of 9 sites but only two were occupied. The sites were fairly huge. The only down side was that there were no campfires allowed. We did bring our stoves and managed to stay warm in the 40s at night. I stayed there for 2 nights. There was a fountain for water and restrooms. We got the chance to hike the mejas trail which took up half the day. Absolutely one of the better camp spots

Absolutely lovely

The site here was really peaceful with a huge campground. I took my family and my boyfriends family here for a weekend getaway in December of 2016. I was able to get the only group site here. We were located at the edge of the Rio grande. The site was a quiet one but with a couple of RVs coming in and out. I believe there are about 30 smaller sites surrounding our group site. There is no firewood here and you would need to pick up at the few gas stations you come along the way. During our stay the temperature was around the 70s and at night it dropped to the chilling 40s. The mornings was a little breezy. We were able to drive to Emory trail head and hike about 1 and a half miles. I would definitely recommend this campground.


This campground was actually pretty good. it was better than I expected and my boyfriend actually didn't want to come to this one. There are 11 sites and are spaced pretty close together so privacy is a no in this campground. There is no supervision of these campgrounds so sometimes there is loud music playing. The sites are 10 dollars a night and some of the sites are near a creek which was filled with water when I was there. The site was a little dirty with cans and cigarette butts on the floor

Relaxing views

This site was very popular and my site was smack right in the center. There were many families and rv's. People were burning wet wood at night and it was very smoky. The neighbors though were very friendly and offered us breakfast. If you come early you are going to get a spot and if your late your out of luck. Even though it is a busy spot it is very clean.

Long trail

This site has a limited parking. There are about 8 sites and it fills up really fast. The host was a little rude but still helped us. The sites were on the medium side if it was on a 1 to 3 scale. You do have to reserve a site and there are concrete slabs on the campground so you have to find vegetation on the side to put your tent on.

real hot

This place was really hot during the day time but the night was freezing cold. The site are full of wildlife and at night there are scorpions and tiny little rodents that come out. The site are on the small side and there are not people that come out here in the summer. i would recommend that you come during the winter when it is cooler

park creek

The site was pretty big and you do have to make reservations. There is lake about a 5 minute walk away full of fish. The rangers at the station were really friendly and it is about 9 miles away from the site. The site was secluded and was well worth it.


The sites are simply amazing. Once you enter the park you will be blown apart. The sites are pretty compact and is perfect for about 2 people. The site were about 25 dollars but is completely worth it even though it is small. No other park can beat this one and I would definitely come here again.

So quiet

This place was pretty scary to camp at. T=Its just you at night and the darkness. You are in a pretty big site and campsites are spread out pretty far apart. The site did have a restroom but wasn't maintained. There was a lot of firewood an dat night the temperature got really cold.