Jarrid R.

Flower Mound, TX

Joined August 2017

Eagle Scout. National and State Park enthusiast.

Good for a weekend getaway.

Prairie dogs inhabit the eastern half of the campground. Awesome creatures to watch for hours. There are a few hiking trails that are short but are mowed. Plenty of native wild flowers to log for those who are into flowers. There is one pump jack (diesel powered oil pump). The two camp circles closest to will hear it constantly. If you don’t mind a metronome then you will be fine. Wildlife observed; prairie dogs, western diamond back, owls (didn’t make notice of which kind but they were huge), rabbits, coyote, deer.

Picnic table shelters have been rebuilt at some point. The roof for most was recycled back onto the shelter. So, when it rains the roofs leak. Making it a challenge to cook and eat. The troubles of half way roughing it.