Four primitive sites at end of road

Set your GPS for the Point Washington Field Office on Hwy 89. Access road 11 is across the highway. Recommend approaching eastward from the west, and it’s an right turn off the highway once you spot it.

Your online reservation will include a four digit gate code, which you will need!

Site is on the extreme northwest side of Eastern Lake, though with all the trees, there’s not water views from the sites.

I camped in Area 1, #3. All sites have a picnic table, fire ring and framed gravel tent area about 12’x20’. There is a shared pit toilet a short distance from all 4 sites.

Sites 1 and 2 slope down to their campsite, and would be difficult to sleep in your vehicle without balancers.

Sites 3 and 4 are more flat and work fine for sleeping in your vehicle.

I came in a day after rain and there were numerous significant deep puddles to get through. I was grateful my Sprinter had knobby tires and was a little higher; even then at one point the puddle was so deep it covered my headlights! If it’s been raining, small vehicles should think twice.

There’s access/views to water about 100 feet from sites 3&4.

Spectacular location

WARNING! if you use Get Directions & Google Maps on this page, it likely will route you to the wrong location.

The correct access point is from the SouthEast, via the town of Marquez. From the four way stop in Marquez, head North about a quarter mile and then make a left on 1146 just before D&D Hardware. It’s easy after that.

That said, I just arrived and my jaw dropped, it’s so breathtaking.

BLM land turnoff

About 300 feet from the Lea Lakes RV camp/hookups is a gravel/dirt road heading west into BLM land. There’s a small parking lot at the end where one can post up for the night with lake and sunset views.

Good AT&T service. Watch out for mosquitos.

A slice of heaven

The entrance comes up quickly - a dirt road off the freeway and then a semi-steep right turn that leads up to the gate.

Drove in, passed a few spots near the entrance but went down the road 5 mins or so to see what else I could find, and found a nice place nestled back in there. I haven’t see anyone else.

Big skies, lots of stars. This place is gorgeous.