Janelle M.

Kansas City, MO

Joined July 2016

Can't wait to go back.

Will be back asap, I haven't stoped thinking about this place since I left. If we would have waited until Friday we wouldn't have gotten in without a reservation. We got in I Wednesday so it was no problem. Can't wait to show all my friends.

Quite and relaxing

I love this place. It's been a place that my family took me as a child time and again and somewhere I still take my family as an adult. We take our dogs and our kayakes and we are set for the weekend. The campsites are clean and a nice private distance from each other for the most part. Some sites seem a little more popular and packed in. The bathrooms where clean and the water was hot! Would recommend to anyone, and there is always a friendly face who knows the area.

Hikers paradise

It was a little rocky and the shade trees are far and few in between. If I would have gone in the fall it would have been incredible. We stayed here after we hiked all day. It's very close to all the trails. Bathrooms were clean and the water was warm. The views from the site made it all worth it. This is a great place to stay if you're in Moab to hike or climb.

Stars, stars, stars

We traveled out here for a friends wedding in Moab. This camp site was reserved by the entire wedding party, so it was small. We brought all our own stuff as far as grill and solar shower. It was right by the river and surrounded by moutains. We drove all through the night so when we woke up we were absolutley blown away by the beauty. It was so close to Arches and so many great hiking and climbing routes. I get the chills just thinking about the next time I get to go back! Do your self a favor, go there! Especially if you're looking for a very nice, chill place to spend time in between hiking and climbing routes.

Fishing is fantastic

The fishing here is amazing. You can fish right by your camp. The owners are very nice people and helpful for someone that didnt really know the area. I was just passing through but I'm so glad I did!

Breath taking

We found this place accidently and it ended up being absolutley amazing. I will plan many trips here in order to spend more time. We didn't get to camp but the water was clean and beautiful and the bathrooms were clean. We couldn't believe the gem we stumbled on. Please do yourself a favor and visit this place.

Table Rock!!!

I absolutly love this place. Before we made the trip I had heard nothing but amazing things from everyone I talkted to. It was a great place for the family. Campsites are spacious and close to the water. Great for fishing and kayaking. I love the hiking trails and the bike trails are pretty close as well. I will go out of my way to come here again and recommend it time and again

Nicest people

We were on our way to Colorado and got to the point we couldnt drive anymore. We had our dog with us and had to stop. This was the closest campground around so we called. It was late and after their business hours they still got us in and helped us with getting set up quickly so we did not disturd other campers. This seems like mostly a RV camp ground but the family that owns it really went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Plus the bathrooms where clean and the water was hot. Absolutley no complaints. Would go again just to see these awsome owners.

Nice trails, nice boats, friendly staff.

I like this place a lot. My wife and I just go down for the day sometimes to trial ride and let our dogs run. There is a cliff that they used to let everyone jump off of that is about 30 plus feet. The water retreated to much so now it's not safe the park ranger will tell you all about it. Still a great place to drop your boat in. You can even rent their boats for a decent price, they just make you turn them in by 7 most night which never seems like enough time. Great fishing and swimming spots.

Get a litttle wild

I love coming here, It's a great place to lay back and let loose a little. It started raining on us and we lost our rain fly and the owners of the camp ground let us borrow one of theirs so we didn't get soaked. I normally have to leave my dog at home. Gets a little rowdy if you go during busy weekends. Don't bring glass anything!!!

Another Favorite

Cleanest bathrooms and showers ever! Really! Love this place. All the camp sites come with tables and fire pits. So may different spots you can choose from when setting up. We get right by the water everytime and our dogs love it. Very nice staff and prices are very affordable. Nice boats as well. The water gets a little high sometimes when it rains so some sites were flooded out. Nice fish cleaning station by the RV's, You get a little phone signal by the main road, and the drive down is really nice!

Milkey Way

I have never seen stars like this in my life. Bring everything you need. THey have toilets but we brought our own solar shower and grills. Also make sure to bring tent stakes that will withstand going into the hard sand. Although locals would probably know that. :/ Truely a magical place to be.

Family Favorite

This campground was always a family favorite when we were kids. We would go out extra early to set up then spend our time on the bike trails until lunch. We always brought our own grill but theirs were nice as well. Bathrooms and showers are kept clean and overall just a great place to go. This is always a top pick for my family and I.


Overall a very nice experience