Jamie H.

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Las Vegas, NV

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I've been camping since I was five and it's what makes me happy. I love nothing more than taking off for the weekend with my dog and enjoying nature.

Cell Service - 1 bar, but still good for this area

I camped here this weekend for the first time.  I have T-Mobile and was pleasantly surprised to have a bar or 2 of 4G LTE service.  Most of Lee Canyon does not have any service.  The sites were a little confusing to see where they were and some appeared to be in the middle of the road - but maybe that's the way group sites are laid out.  I went to the end of the road towards the sawmill trailhead and found a great spot.  There are more people here than Champion Road, both campers and hikers, runners and bikers.  Also a fair amount of 4 wheelers.  This place felt like a campground to me and less like dispersed camping.  There are the cleanest bathrooms I've ever seen at the Sawmill Day use area.  Overall, it was a great stay, with very clean sites, and cell service.  I would definitely camp here again.

Very Pleasant!

We stayed here for a week while we visited Arches, Canyonland, and Dead Horse parks.  When I made my reservation online, I mistakenly picked an RV site, although we have a tent but the front desk let us keep the spot we reserved anyway.  That was really nice because the site had electricity and I was able to plug in a fan.  (We were there in July)

The bathrooms and showers were really nice and clean.  My favorite part of this campground was that they had a sink area for dishwashing.  The pool was also a nice feature.  You can see in one of my pictures that they also rent cute little cabins.

meh. there are better spots at Lake Mead.

We saw some awesome sunsets here, but I wouldn't say this spot had anything unique about it.  The road is rough, you definitely cannot camp here in the rain.  It's a wash…so that would get dangerous.  I liked that there were some larger bushes than government wash because it broke up the terrain a little.   As other reviews have mentioned, the water isn't really accessible from this location.  There were no other people camping here when we were here, so the privacy was actually really nice.  You could literally walk around naked and it didn't matter.  :)

Perfect Spot

This campground is pretty magical with forest ponies wandering in the woods.  At night the stars are incredible and I usually see multiple shooting stars.  I camped here one night during a meteor shower and it was awesome.

The bathrooms are clean and have flush toilets with sinks.  There are water faucets throughout the grounds and water tastes really good.

I've seen horses, donkeys, deer and squirrels here.  The tent sites are nice and clean and lots of dumpsters for garbage.  The camp host is also very nice.

Its ok.

 There are bathrooms with toilets and sinks.  The sites are a little close together but the views on the outside sites facing the water are incredible.  Spectacular views of the stream.  The campground host is also very nice.  There are trails at one of the campground that are fun to walk.  

I saw a coyote in the campground one morning but he ran away when I stood up.  The last time I camped here, someone had a dog that they didn't leash and he kept running into my campground so that was annoying because my dog is afraid of other dogs and we ended up not staying the night because of that.

Wifi and Showers

We camp here when we rent kayaks to go on the river.  They have showers, bathrooms and wifi which is really convenient due to spotty cell reception.  I feel like the spots are a little tightly packed (I am a tent camper) and I also feel like its a little pricey - I think the last time I camped here I paid 30 dollars a night for a tent site.  They do have online reservations and they tend to fill up quickly especially in the springtime which is the nicest time of year to camp here.  

I've never seen coyotes here or have been bothered by any wildlife at all.  I also really appreciate that people here keep their dogs leashed so they don't come roaming into my site.  My dog likes people but she doesn't like other dogs.

Excellent place to camp next to the Valley of Fire

It's a really great place to camp very close to the Valley of Fire.  There is a store with a restaurant and gas station about 6-8 miles down the main road. (depending on where you put your camp) The last time I camped here it was extremely windy so it has motivated me to move to a canvas tent although my tent held up, surprisingly.  

It was really quiet, there were other people around but nobody was being loud or anything.  I don't think I'd recommend camping here much past the beginning of May as there is no shade and it heats up during the day.  

I camped here this past week for 4 nights and it was splendid.  I didn't see or hear any coyotes.  But we did have a brief issue with bees being attracted to any water we were using.

Most people camp pretty close to the main road, but if you follow the dirt road down a little further there are some really private sites that are much nicer and it didn't seem like you needed a high clearance vehicle to get back there.

Excellent Lake views + Cell Service + Bathrooms

I've camped here on and off since 2015.  I feel like it's gotten better recently in terms of groups of loud partying people doing doughnuts in the parking lot at the entrance.  A few years ago we had a person literally stumble into our camp and almost fall into our fire… but I haven't had anything strange like that happen in the past year.  I believe the rangers have been cracking down on people in this area, which is very nice.  The views of the lake are breathtaking.  I've camped here 4 or 5 times in the past year and it was very quiet and peaceful.  There can be some traffic in the early morning due to people coming going down to the shoreline to fish, but it's not a terrible amount of noise.  My neighbors to my site were also nice.  

If you have dogs, beware of the coyotes.  There are a lot of them here.  Some are skittish and will run away from you, but some have lost their fear of people because people have been feeding them.  Keep your dog leashed at all times.

Excellant alternative to the pay sites

I've camped here a few times in the summer to escape the heat of Las Vegas when I don't want to drive too far anywhere else.  I have a Jeep Compass and had no trouble on the road - I watched cars get stuck though, but other cars were fine so it probably depends on your skills with a lower clearance vehicle.  The sites are nice and spread out.  I had to drive little ways in before I found empty space.  It is really beautiful with the trees and scenery and is probably my favorite place to camp in the summer.  

A few things I didn't like were that people leave poopy toilet paper all over the place.  I'd like to assume positivity and think maybe they think it will biodegrade because it's thin paper.  It doesn't.  Dig a hole, cover it up.  Put your paper in a plastic zip-lock bag and bring it with you.  The sites were also incredibly dirty with all kinds of other litter.  I filled up an entire 13-gallon garbage bag with trash when I got there.  So that was sad to see such a beautiful place being treated this way.  The other thing to be aware of here is noise.  There are large families or groups that camp here and play their music all day and into the night as well.  I hesitate to use earplugs because I like to be able to hear when I'm camping.

Cute and Cozy Campground

I've camped here a few times and it is always great. They have a huge grassy area out front to pitch tents, a few pull-through sites for RVs and in the back, there are permanent RVs set up. They have VERY clean bathrooms with showers. There is a restaurant on site that has the best homemade tortilla chips and salsa.(great food also) It feels a little pricey to me and if I was going to stay for more than a few nights next time it would be worth it to get the good sam discount card they sell. I have T-mobile and my service was spotty on the campground itself. If I walked out and towards the town, just off the property I had a signal. Verizon seems to have more reliable service based on other people I was with.

They also have bike rentals which were super cool!  I've been here in May and in September.  May was still pretty cool weather up there.  I had a 15-degree bag with an insulated pad and it was okay.  The nighttime temps were in the lower 30's.  In September it was much warmer, probably nighttime temps of 50-60.