Jamie C.

Lake havasu city , AZ

Joined October 2019


I love this place. I think camping was $35. Clean bathrooms. Cheap to do the cave tours and they are out of this world. Seen deer and peacocks roam the camp!

So neat!

Little dirt road to a super cool hot spring. Looks like it’s very popular! Quarter mile walk to the springs. Two different pools and very warm and clean! You can camp whenever you like. Pack trash in and out. They had a little out house too.

Easy night at 6 mile

6 mile cove was pretty nice, it had plenty of layout to avoid immediate contact with people. It truly is about 6 miles from the road down the power line road to get there. Pretty washboardy. Jumbled up the pod a little ha. There was 3 bathrooms vault style. A huge dumpster that gets maintained. It was a Sunday night we stayed and it wasn’t crowded. 3-4 groups of people. Beach front, but WATCH FOR ALGAE. green floating stuff in the water. Stay away from it. You’ll thank me later.

Good camping!

We brought the rpod. Left it in the camp and explored lava tubes and sand dunes near by. NO more water! Used to have water but they broke and no plans to fix. Very windy. We went 10/18/19 Lots of hunters! Deer season

Some good camping for California.

Kinda hard to get to the beach, camp sites are nice and have a table. Bathrooms can be far, we scootered to them

Pretty neat spot

Walk to the beach is kind of long. Camp is on the bluff! We tent camped and had a good time

New favorite place

This place is awesome! Great hiking, clean bathrooms and showers. $20 for camping


Basically the whole road is campable. Wash, little trails, back in areas, little pull outs. All kinds of places. Quiet and dark. Few people travel the road. There is 5G service as long as you stay on the highway side of the hill.

No resources whatsoever. 100% off grid.

Government warrrsh

I’d give it 2 1/2 stars. Here on Veterans Day which happens to be on a Monday…. packed full. I decided to take the R-pod down a hill to the waters edge to get away and there were still people. LOTS OF TRASH. And I can’t stand that. Picked up a full garbage bag in a very short distance. The stars are for the water, and free camping. Easy access too I guess. Photo from my bed window tho.

Nice camping

Stayed here 11/03/19, right in the lake. Only 2 other campers. A little windy, fire danger high. Still enjoyed camp fires


$36 a night!!! Pretty view no hook ups for a high price. When you can camp 10 miles away on the other side of the lake for FREE! Bathroom was gross. No place to get rid of trash.