Love the off season

This campground is so slammed during the summer camping season that I usually do not get around to going. When half the loops close down for the off season is another story. There are some great spots along the beach, with in a stones throw from the Pacific Ocean. The bathrooms are clean, the showers have great hot water and it is mostly empty off season. The tree covered park is a great place to unwind when needing a nature recharge while away from the city! I love the beach and spend most of my time camping here wondering around in the sand looking for treasures or taking pictures. I usually try to plan a trip with my other VW friends. We share stores of the road, meals made over the fire, our love for Westfalia campers and a cold beer or two. The area has some great sight seeing, beach coaming, great little restaurants, hiking trails and long slow winding roads that call out to me. I make plans to visit at least 4 times a year and I'm never disappointed! I highly recommend this campground if on the Washington coast!