James L.


Portland, OR

Joined August 2020

There When You Need It

Our planned stop for the night off of I-15 did not work out. It was a Sunday and the interstate was clogged with travelers returning home from Utah, Las Vegas or wherever. The Santa Anna winds were fiercely interfering with a pleasant drive. This RV “camp” was along our route and we called to reserve a space late in the afternoon. Located perhaps 3/4 mile from the interstate, it is shielded from its noise. Nice interaction with the folks running the place. The sites are tight, but far enough apart for good air and personal separation. The electric, water and sewer worked fine. The Wi-Fi was weak and kept disappearing. We didn’t use any of the facilities there. Overall, the $45 for the site was OK. We had a restful stay. The place was full plus some in the morning.

Interesting Contrasts

I selected the Millsite Campground because of its proximity to the Moore Cutoff road’s interesting geology, located a few miles away. Driving from I-70 to Millsite in Ferron on UT-10 was joyless because the landscape is so chaotic, wounded by nature and mining. But Millsite provides some respite if you are arriving in an RV. It’s full hookups and dump site are quite adequate. The reservoir was almost empty in October, although only two RVs used the place on the night we stayed there. The less pricey partial hookup sites were full. Very quiet in the full hookup area. Clean. The grey morass quickly falls away when heading south from UT-10. Millsite and Ferron have fall color that perks things up a bit.

Sandstone and Water

Nestled between a high sandstone wall and the Colorado River, this campsite provides decent respite from the crowds seeking entrance to Arches NP. Many travelers are frustrated to find the several riverside campgrounds full at noon or earlier. This campground is about 10 miles from the main road that goes to Moab and Arches. A busy (during the day) UT-128 is but 50-60 feet from the sites and is almost the only distraction at this campground. By 9 PM or so the traffic volume has subsided and quiet rules until the sun rises again. Those with tents will be in good shape if it is set up on the lower ledge closer to the river. It would dampen the sound somewhat. The site accommodates small RVs. Generator hours are from 8-8. No facilities other than the pit toilets. I gave this campground a 4 because it supports visits to the NP and trails in the area and is pleasant enough.

A Pleasant Interlude

The Ward Mountain Campground is nicely situated less than a mile off of Route 6, just 6 miles from Ely, NV. It is surrounded by dense juniper and pine. We are in campsite 26 in loop B. It has a bit of a view and you have to focus to hear any road sounds. It’s rather quiet here and sparsely populated in mid-October. The site tables and fire pit appears to be new. Bring your own water and other support needs. Some pull through and group sites. RV, trailers and tents accommodated. Cost is $8 regular/$4 for senior pass. The wind in the trees makes good music. The 5 star rating reflects the privacy afforded by the campground’s layout. Attached is a GPS snap as there are a few different numbers out there.