People very unfriendly, felt like an outsider..

I stayed there in summer of 2018

The owners were very unfriendly, got unnecessarily involved in other peoples personal/private lives…They all acted like red necks to the point of i was invading their territory, like i didn't belong there..

Very nice, sceneic, very clean..

Not sure when i stayed there, 2017/2018?

Very good stay, rates are a bit high..very mountainous surroundings with a lake.Well kept/maintained. All the amenities you need.

A dirty redneck dump, very low class all around, nothing nice or good about

I stayed there in summer of 2019.

"NEW OWNERSHIP" which was apparently very inexperienced, everything was very flippantly done/organized by owners.

Prices high on things, owners were very unfriendly,/ rude would unnecessarily get involved in peoples business/personal things, place was full of older campers/trailers with unfinished additions with unkept grounds, looked like a welfare park, place not maintained/kept up/groomed, Everything about it was old,dirty and needs major updates..Very Dirty laundry room, disgusting.Very high priced for such a very low quality/atmosphere..Pictures on website very deceptive especially of atmosphere.. I booked it going by their website, very big mistake.Nothing good at all in my opinion, it was all a very bad experience from beginning to end..Would not give money back so i was stuck there for the time that initially paid for when i booked it.