Jacob H.

Provo, UT

Joined January 2018

I never miss a chance to go camping, and go as often as I get an excuse to. I’d say my favorite part of camping is that no matter how bad you cook, it tastes great!

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Shadow lake

While I’m technically writing a review on hades, which seemed like a lovely campground that I did end up hiking through, I actually camped at a lake nearer to Hades, named Shadow Lake, a smaller, less known lake in the Grandaddy lake area, and I had a great time there. The authorities there were very informative and kind, and were very polite about telling us where we could or couldn’t camp. The only real complaint i would have, is the during the summer there are swarms of mosquitoes when you get closer to the lakes. I cannot describe how beautiful the view was with just our small group at the lake. I highly recommend it.

fun for groups

I went to this campground on a ward campout, and it was very enjoyable. Featuring large portfolios that you can rent, with large firepits in the center of each portfolio, and plenty of flat ground to play and/or sleep on. I personally would reccomend going there with large groups of friends who aren’t too hardcore when it comes to camping.

beautiful view

there is plenty of open ground to pitch your tent in -especially when you get higher up- and a fun, beautiful hike, (whether or not you’re staying the night) I highly reccomend hiking and camping just about anywhere on this mountain.

fun place to hike

this is not a place i go to to have a pre-set picnic and fire campground, i love coming here to hike in with a backpack full of camping stuff, and finding some remote clearing to camp in