J B.


Kennebunk, ME

Joined August 2020

Pull-through sites are a joke!

I had hoped this campground would be amazing. It was our first camping trip of 2020 (amid COVID19). Sadly, we found it to be horrendously inadequate.

We traveled with family to this campground. We had two "pull-through" sites. These sites are a joke! There are six sites per road. There is literally no where to pull off of the camp road to set up your RV site. The RVs must be set up in the road! The tow vehicle can park off to the side once unhooked but the RVs in the middle sites of the camp road are pinned in. This could potentially be dangerous if there ever was an emergency!

If that's not bad enough, the sites are SUPER unlevel. Notice the photo in my review. We had to use so many leveling blocks to assist our auto-leveling system!!

The "pull-through" sites are literally on a hill. The sites small and there is no privacy from your neighbors. 

When we arrived our sites were not clean at all. There was trash on the ground, as well as dog feces, and the grass was very tall. 

Lastly, the dump station for the campground is on the side of the public roadway, at the entrance of the park….which is on the top of a huge hill. 

The surrounding area is beautiful! We will certainly go back to the area but we will find a better campground the next time.

We will not return to this campground.

Good Time for All

We have stayed here twice. The first time we rented a cabin. The second time we stayed in our RV. 

Each time we visit we truly enjoy the vast ATV trail system. This campground is surrounded by spectacular mountains, rolling fields, towering trees, fragrant wild flowers and beautiful butterflies.

We will definitely stay again!

Waterfront Campground

This campground is a little place on a pond. It's unassuming and quiet. 

Dogs are not allowed.

Family Fun

This Campground is family friendly and has a lot to offer. Our camping group consisted of children from the ages of 8-17 yrs old. No one was bored. 

If you want to keep your family engaged and happy, this campground is a sure bet.

Delightful park, Tight Roads

This RV resort is delightful. The roads are tight for bigger rigs. Don't let that deter you. We truly enjoyed our stay and we will definitely return to this campground!

Dogs are welcome, the grounds were impeccably kept, the staff was professional, and the atmosphere of the resort was relaxing.

Top of Maine and Top Camping Destination

This campground is at the top of Maine and a top camping destination for ATV enthusiasts. 

The sites are spacious and inviting. Truly a nice place to stay.

We drove 5.5 hours to get to this campground. It was worth the drive. Presque Isle is a gem that should not overlooked.

Convenient location and reasonable price.

This park is conveniently located close to local attractions. The prices are extremely reasonable. We would definitely stay again.

ATV & Equestrian Fun

This is the first campground we have stayed at that has ATV trail access, horse friendly camping, full hookups, pull through sites, tent camping, tent rentals, teepee rentals, "tiny bird cabin", and a tree house.  

A must see!

Cute Campground

Lazy Frog is a cute campground, just off the beaten path. The owners have worked hard to improve this little gem.

We stayed in August when it is was hot. We have a 50 amp unit but reduced down to 30 amp (30 was the only option). We always use a surge protector. Once the weekend campers arrived our surge protector kept tripping due to low voltage. To remedy the situation we used only one air conditioner, used propane for our hot water and refrigerator. We did not use the microwave. Once we made those changes we had no issues.

This is a delightful campground with wonderful owners who try their hardest to make everyone's stay enjoyable.

We would stay there again.

Good, Once Upon a Time

Our original two stays were wonderful. There is a nice lounge/restaurant on location. ATV access to an extensive trail system. ATVs must be kept in a designated lot, not at campsite.

We made reservations to stay again with 2 other couples. I called the day before to confirm. No answer. I left a message. To our unpleasant surprise, no one was in the office on our arrival. No one was to be found in the campground. 

We had to make arrangements, on the spot, to stay at another local campground (Clear Stream). A day or two later I received a voicemail from Log Haven saying they could be contacted if we wanted to stay there. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I don't know what happened.

Log Haven was good, once upon a time.

Great place to stay

We really enjoyed this campground. It is a fantastic place to stay and ATV.

We will stay here again!

Unique camping experience

This campground was small and our site was kind of tight. There was nice tree cover and ample space between sites. The rates were reasonable. 

It's a unique camping experience. They have a butterfly garden and the desert is an interesting place to explore.

Unlevel, loud, and unsecure.

This is one of the worst places I have stayed. The RV site was so uneven. It was rowdy and loud. The highway is close by so there was a lot of noise from trucks and cars. There was no security gate and one playground was near the road. There was a flimsy, broken-down fence to 'protect the children'. We will never stay here again.

ATV trail access

This campground has ATV trail access. There was no cell service but wifi was available at the office.

Nice place to stay and play

Very nice campground with a good camp store and disc golf course. We will stay again!

Nice place to stay for ATV trip.

Pleasant campground with ATV trail access.

Delightful stay on the bank of the river.

This campground is delightful. Quiet, inviting, and accommodating. It is a small campground situated on the bank of a river. The sites along the river are arranged parallel to the bank. There is water & electricity, no sewer hookups (dump station available).

This campground has direct access to a vast ATV trail system. The owners are eager to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Lackluster: Small sites, stacked close together

The sites are small, stacked close together, and not level. The volleyball court is beside the sewer exhaust outlet for the entire campground. There were regular intervals of sewer exhaust belched into the air for those playing volleyball to enjoy. We will not return.


The campground was pleasant.

The price was reasonable. Dogs are welcome. Verizon cell coverage was 3 bars of 4G LTE. The owners are kind and professional.